Sunday, January 20, 2013

Final act

Source: indi. ca

Rama kept his eyes focused on the palace at the distance as he stepped off the last slab of rock with his name on it. An army of monkeys, led by Hanuman, marched behind him, their large feet thumping against stone, their loud voices singing songs of their ancestors, the bridge swaying to the heavy beat. As the alliance of man and monkey entered the island of Lanka, the signal to Ravana was clear: We’re coming for you motherfucker.

Rama’s thoughts were consumed by Sita, lest he forget what she looked like or what she smelled like, or that feeling of waking up next to her. But with every passing day, Sita’s face became a hazier memory. As he neared the palace of his wife’s kidnapper, he had no such worries about recognizing Ravana. The narcissist had installed, on the ten corners of his massive home, ten animatronic heads of himself, each displaying a different emotion. Rama stopped and stared at the head facing his direction; it was taunting him with a coy smile. And all of a sudden, a wink. A wink. After months of roaming forests and asking monkeys for favors, after months of dealing with an exhaustion he hadn’t been prepared for, and after months of being chipped away by a constant sense of loss, the anger that had built up inside him came out, all at once. He held Ravana’s coy smile in sight as he ran towards the palace. Incomprehensible guttural sounds emerged from him. Hanuman and his fellow monkeys followed the galloping Rama, running and mimicking the sounds made by him. It was an avalanche of noise; the most overwhelming expression of rage the island had ever seen.

The gates to the palace opened slightly and Ravana walked out, alone and with swagger. “Oh, hi Rama,” he said coolly, addressing the man who’d arrived to end him. “What took you so long?” he asked, offering Rama his hand, an offer that was duly refused. As Rama locked eyes with Ravana, he shuddered, ever so slightly, but just enough for the king to notice. “I promise I won’t bite,” he laughed, tapping Rama on the cheek. Then gripping Rama’s bicep, “You’re a strong man.” “Where is Sita?” Rama asked. “Oh she’s around, Rama, she’s around,” Ravana whispered with a smile. “By the way, I was thinking, you know, looking at how angry you are, oh boy, you should see how red your face is. When I look at how angry you are and how pissed off Sita is… I don’t know if you know this but… anger turns me on. Now think about this: a threesome. You. Me. Sita. Now, that would be fucking epic. What do you say?” Rama fell backwards awkwardly, as a high-pitched noise in his ear and the worst headache of his life confirmed that the headbutt had been futile. “I’ve got these in surplus,” laughed Ravana, tapping his skull, standing over his fallen foe.

As Rama lifted himself up, he made eye contact with Hanuman, the monkey who had first discovered Sita’s location. By the time Rama was on his feet, Hanuman had exchanged positions with the monkey behind him and was out of Ravana’s sight. “You do realize,” Ravana said, circling Rama, “that you’re trying to take on the greatest warrior EVER with an army of monkeys.” The monkeys whipped their tails against the earth, sending up a cloud of dust and unsettling the birds in the trees. “Cool trick,” Ravana deadpanned, moving in closer to Rama. “Think about it, man. You, me and Sita. The three most beautiful people on this planet. Now, imagine the three of us together. Are you imagining that? Now add in my ten heads. Think of the sexual possibilities.” Rama noticed Hanuman’s charred tail wagging from one of the large trees that flanked the palace gate. The monkeys let out a collective gasp as Rama grabbed Ravana’s face and kissed him. Hanuman emerged from the tree, Sita on his shoulder with a sword in her hand, a picture of fury. Rama parted lips and ducked just as Sita’s sword arrived. She slashed and chopped away as one head replaced another until there was none left.

Sita jumped off of Hanuman’s shoulders and tossed the sword aside. She walked over to Rama, droplets of red trailing her as they fell from her blood-splattered sari, “Long time.”