Monday, October 08, 2012

Cheque please

"Do you read a lot?"
"Street signs, mostly. What about you?"
"I like reading so much I took a job at the library."
"That's a bit excessive. What's your favorite book?"
"A Farewell to Arms."
"Sounds painful. Does it have pictures?"
"Only on the cover."
"Who wrote it?"
"Ah, Hemingway."
"You've read him?"
"You've never read Hemingway?"
"No, but I saw him in Midnight in Paris and he was pretty darn good."
"That was an actor playing Hemingway."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Hemingway's dead."
"Was it because he lost his arms?"
"Question. Do you think Hemingway was so serious in the movie because he wanted to live up to his first name?"

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Anonymous said...

Super and awesome - your sense of humour is amazing - write more like this. Just love it.