Monday, September 17, 2012

Flight, turn & bowled.

It's not been the greatest season of cricket with the ball for me. I haven't been as economical with my spin bowling as I've needed to be what with my trademark half tracker or two per over ruining spells that were looking pretty darn good till that point. Yesterday, just when it looked like the usual story was playing out, loose balls getting smacked out of the (tiny) park, I bowled one that was just right.

The delivery prior to the one I'm gushing about was full, outside the off stump and driven over the covers for four. It was a shot contrary to the cross-bat hoicker impression given by the batsman's stance - his front leg was covering the middle stump and his back leg the off. I decided to risk it and toss the next ball up as well - it's how I got most of my wickets in Austin - with the hope of tempting him to go for a big heave. As soon as I released the ball, from the way the seam brushed against my fingers, I knew I had him.

He went back and across just as the ball began it's descent and then, deceived by the pace, pushed forward with his bat. Too soon.

The ball drifted in, pitched slightly outside off, gripped the surface and spun in just a bit to beat the bat-pad gap and meet the top of off-stump.

Flight, turn & bowled. Just a perfect feeling.

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amas said...

Happy! :-)