Saturday, September 29, 2012

Café Tales VIII

So I walk into the office of this guy, this Indian guy – he’s new to the company, but here’s the thing – he was a chess grandmaster back in the day in Calcutta. And this intimidates me. The chess thing, the way it stood out on the newspaper clipping he had pinned to his board – ‘Youngest Indian Grandmaster at 13 years, 4 months and 22 days'. And, he may be big and wide and tall but it’s the chess thing that makes me uncomfortable, you know what I mean, anyway I walk into his office to convince him on a design that I’d come up with, and it’s a good design let me tell you, but I slipped into that mode I slip into when I need to convince someone that I’m smart and that I can come up with good ideas, and I start by making polite conversation with him – it’s getting chilly, eh? – stupid, inane shit and he’s nodding and nodding, not really saying anything, not even looking up at me from his computer screen, and I feel like I’m losing him, part of me has already started working out excuses to explain to my manager why I couldn’t convince an entry level engineer to implement her design, fine it was her design but I helped refine it, and… I’m intimidated by this guy right now, the fact that he’s a couple of seconds away from forgetting that I’m at the door talking to him, making shitty, small talk, and just as I decide, to hell with it, I’m just gonna get to the point, he turns his computer screen towards me and I see that he’s solved the problem, the logic’s different to my manager’s, but it’s simpler and gets the job done... and so I say “Hope the sun comes out soon.”

Motherfucker was always five moves ahead of me. 

Inspired by the punchline delivered by this awesome story teller. More tales this way.

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