Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Bicycle Thief

Antonio slaps his seven-year-old son; it’s an act triggered by an innocent question and the stress caused by hours of searching unsuccessfully for a stolen bicycle that is his key to survival. He asks his weeping son to wait by the bridge as he continues his search. Shouts of “drowning boy” reach his ears and the fear that the one drowning is his grips him. He runs towards the water to see men bring to shore a boy he hasn’t seen before. The look on his face as he turns around and sees his son, sitting doleful on the steps, adds layers to this tremendous film. Antonio is tired, hungry and desperate for a second chance, but at that moment his son is alive. And nothing else matters.

P.S: It’s on Netflix Instant.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing has improved so much. I got the essence of the whole movie in the last few lines of your review. "Brevity is the soul of wit" You convey a lot in a just a few lines! Congratulations :)