Saturday, April 09, 2011

Café Tales IV

It’s an orange with a straw stuck through it. I’ve never noticed the Tropicana logo before. Or maybe this was a new logo and hence the stopping in my tracks. A bit unnecessary, you might say, stopping in one’s tracks to look closer at the logo on a juice box. I agree, a tad unnecessary, but it happened. Trust me, I speak the truth. I thought about the design process that was responsible for this logo. “We want people to know that Tropicana is fresh and natural!”, I can hear an excited 27 year old marketing wizard yell. And then I wonder why someone would get so passionate about orange juice. A tad unnecessary. “I get the message, though” I tell the marketing wizard. I’m sure she heard me.

I look at the jug of Simply Orange nearby. It’s a dollar cheaper, so I pick it up and walk towards the milk aisle.

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Anonymous said...

Really funny! I was wondering what this story was leading to, and as usual you finished it with your penchant for the best last line!