Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aaron Sorkin – If He Wrote About Cabbage

“Do you like cabbage?”


“Do you like cabbage?”

”Do I like cabbage?”


“Cabbage, the vegetable?”

“No, Cabbage, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Cabbage, the vegetable!”

“Do I like cabbage?”

”Yes, do you like cabbage?”



West Wing marathon in progress.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


There was a beautiful moment in last night's Euphoria concert in Seattle that made me forget Palash Sen's below par singing that had preceded it. The crowd had been waiting for Maeri long before the band had even gotten on stage and finally Euphoria relented to the calls and slowly began that famous song of theirs. Palash Sen only had to pause for a second and the crowd took over. He moved away from the microphone and just stared in wonder as the crowd sang the opening stanza of the song in perfect sync with the band.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the moment of his career.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Born Standing Up

“I came up with several schemes for developing material. “I laugh in life,” I though, “so why not observe what it is that makes me laugh?” And if I did spot something that was funny, I decided not to just describe it as happening to someone else, but to translate it into the first person, so it was happening to me. A guy didn’t walk into a bar, I did. I didn’t want it to appear that others were nuts; I wanted it to appear that I was nuts.” – Steve Martin.

I read Shop Girl a couple of months ago and I’m halfway through Born Standing Up. I’ve become quite the fan of Steve Martin, the writer.