Friday, August 13, 2010

I parallel parked a Dodge Nitro on Capitol Hill

I landed in Seattle on Monday to the sight of gloomy skies and a Dodge Nitro rental car. The former cleared up soon but the latter, well, continues to annoy. I’m temporarily staying in an apartment in Redmond – a city that wakes up to the sound of crying desi babies.

Downtown Redmond with Half Price on the left

It’s quite painful sitting in an apartment in Redmond alone. So I went over to the nearby Half Price Books and bought ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ for a couple of dollars and headed to a coffee shop nearby called Victor’s Coffee Co. Really good cappuccino and a really cute barista.

Apartment hunting is a pain. That’s why I had stayed in the same dump of an apartment for the past 3 years in Austin. I had lived in Redmond last summer and 3 months was long enough for me to realize that it was not the city for me. So I focused all my energy on finding an apartment in Seattle.

Seattle has tons of neighborhoods and each neighborhood has its own character. And most of these neighborhoods sound very appealing. Living next to Lake Washington vs. living next to Alki Beach vs. living near the night life (Belltown) vs. living on Capitol Hill. Oh and finding an apartment that wouldn’t drive a hole through my wallet. After talking to leasing managers, looking at floor plans and driving through each of these areas, I came to the conclusion that I should just live close to work and drive to each of these awesome neighborhoods when bored.

So I chose this place in Bellevue called Elements that looks pretty cool. One side of the apartment has only floor-to-ceiling windows and so it’s going to be awesome on a sunny day.

The huge, unweildy Dodge Nitro

Oh and in case you skipped reading the title of this post, I parallel parked a Dodge Nitro in Capitol Hill. If you have not been to Capitol Hill or never driven a Dodge Nitro, you might fail to recognize the magnitude of this achievement. So take my word for it, it was pretty awesome.


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