Saturday, May 29, 2010

In my 8th semester, I

1. took part in a foam sword fight on one of the busiest intersections on campus. It was right before my final class and final midterm, but at that point I didn’t really care.


2. saw Tiesto live in concert. I got to the venue a bit too early though and by the time the opening DJ’s had done their thing and Tiesto came up, my feet were killing me. Hence, not as awesome a concert as I expected it to be.

3. saw John Mayer live in concert with Michael Franti & Spearhead opening for him. It was a Battle Studies tour but he did perform some of his best from other albums – Gravity, Waiting On The World To Change (and Neon, of course). He didn’t cover Free Fallin but he did almost make up for it by covering Don’t Stop Believing.

4. spring break’d in Ft. Lauderdale & Miami. Also got into one of Miami’s premier clubs. I would say it was due to my charm and charisma, but modesty is one of my finer traits.

5. was stalked by the Duck Tour in Austin and Miami. No, really.


6. saw She & Him live in concert. More importantly, that meant I saw Zooey Deschanel live in concert :D


7. completed my 8th and last season for the Longhorn Cricket Club. Personal highlights this season were a 50 and a 5 wicket haul.

8. saw the world’s first ever photograph and the Gutenberg Bible at the Harry Ransom Center.

9. registered for a weight training class and stuck with it. As a result, I went to the gym more times than the previous 7 semesters combined.

10. wrote two short stories – Alliance and 31 Minutes to 1.

11. finally won the 4 on 4 Gully Cricket tournament. It’s a tournament that happens every semester with 4 players per team and 4 overs a side. The 4dulkars (that’s what we call ourselves) have always come close, but this time, finally, after 7 semesters of not playing to potential, we won. It was, as I’m often inclined to say, awesome.

12. ensured that my performances in the 5 on 5 cricket tournament, however, kept with tradition. I scored 0 off 11 balls in a 5 over game last semester. This time I got run out for 0 in both games without facing a single ball. If ever there was a batting fail…

13. went to two Alamo Drafthouse Weird Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, they showcase a really bad film and it’s only a $1 entry. Fardeen Khan should consider screening his movies here, would definitely get a bigger audience.

14. convinced my friend that FailBlog had put up an embarrassing video of him. The attention to detail, if I may so myself, was splendid. I love April Fools Day.

15. graduated :)


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lavanya said...

that is such a cute picture! :) congratulations :)

neon said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Cool post! Now will we see posts that go "In my first month of work, I", "In my 2nd month of work, I"....?
Congratulations on the graduation!! The kids are looking forward to seeing their Anna in Chennai.

Anonymous said...

Finally you have a family picture in your blog and not the stick drawing you did for your spanish class. Congratulations to you for an awesome semester culminating in your graduation.

KD. K Bodhi said...

So you finished college:( Life is all downhill from here. At least mylife