Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ey, what is this guy?

A couple of days ago, I somehow landed on a Walk the Talk interview with Kris Srikkanth while wasting time on Youtube. I’m not a fan of Walk the Talk because of the show’s annoying host, Shekhar Gupta. In an interview with Kajol, he kept talking about how he was in love with her mother and how he found her sexy. Weirdo. Anyway, the fact that I was watching Shekhar Gupta interviewing Kris Srikkanth highlights how much I had exhausted all my online TV watching options. To my surprise, however, watching the interview wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Gupta asks Srikkanth in the interview what his reasoning was behind his aggressive batting style. I guess it’s something a lot of Indian cricket fans would have wondered during Srikkanth’s days as an opener. Like the man himself admits, “They must have though ‘Ey, what is this guy? Who is this guy?’”

In short, this is basically what Srikkanth says about his batting methods: I would defend if the ball was swinging in. If the ball was swinging away from me, I would go for a lofted shot. I had confidence in my ability to at least clear the mid-off fielder and if I did end up edging the ball, the pace of the bowler would be quick enough to take it over the slip cordon.

This made a lot of sense and so I decided to try it out in the league game that I played earlier today. And it worked brilliantly. It’s amazing how he built his career around such a simple concept.


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Moral of the story- do not under estimate any one.