Saturday, March 13, 2010

Curling, you just got beat.

The other day I picked up The Daily Texan to read what they had to say about Scott & Muneezeh winning the Student Government elections. I’m on a roll, btw, when it comes to voting in elections – first Obama and now Scott & Muneezeh. Anyway, while I was scanning the article, I noticed a more interesting article right below it. It was about how there was now an official quidditch league at the university called Texas Quidditch.

The first thing that struck me as kinda impossible to recreate was a snitch. How were these students going to get a flying ball? The article says, “most importantly, the seeker is responsible for catching the snitch — a flag attached to the backside of a neutral-party runner.” ROFLMAO. No, really, ROFLMAO.

The article, which really was ‘The Onion’ worthy, then focused on how bludgers and beaters would work in this setting. “Once a player is hit, he or she has to drop the broom and any ball in possession and run around the hoops three times” They then sit on a swivel chair and are then spun around for a minute and pushed back on to the field of play.

Ok, I made that last part up.

I really shouldn’t mock Texas Quidditch, though. They might finally provide the much needed stimulus that the flying broomstick researchers so desperately needed.

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Anonymous said...

Ah. Now I know why I saw all those people walking around campus carrying a broomstick two days ago.