Saturday, March 20, 2010

A bicycle for two

It was way too cold. And windy. There were two acts that I listened to half heartedly. They were good, no doubt, but I wasn’t there for them. VJ and I inched closer and closer to the stage, height not being on our side. The band serving as the final act for the day was taking its own time getting to the stage but we had a good feeling the wait was going to be worth it.

When Zooey Deschanel finally showed up wearing a red hat, we knew were right. The wait was worth it.

My last semester just keeps getting better and better.

P.S: If you haven't heard She & Him before:

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themonk said...

I'm jealous, I'm a big fan... But I saw Angus and Julia Stone the other day, so maybe that compensates. Check them out (if you haven't heard them before),