Thursday, January 28, 2010

In my seventh semester, I

1)  Saw Nazar finally come out on print. Brilliant moment.

2) Scored 0 off 11 balls in a 4 over taped tennis ball tournament as our team lost in the finals. I should have got the man of the match award, really.

3) Was the third wicket in a first over hat-trick in another tennis ball tournament. Clearly, not the most eventful semester with the bat for me.

4) Had class from 930am to 6pm on Tuesdays without a break. Hence, perfected the art of eating while walking, writing and talking.

5) Watched my first Fardeen Khan movie – Life Partner. I had to apologize to my eyes after the movie. Oh, and interesting fact, Fardeen Khan once got his hair cut while I was getting my hair cut in the neighboring chair. He was such a drama queen.

6) Was the sorting hat for Halloween. It was easy, that’s why.

7) Went to ACL for the first time and saw Thievery Corp, John Legend and Kings of Leon perform live! Also spent an hour and a half in a line to get into the bus back to campus after the show. Still, worth it.

8) Finally drew up the courage to finish my science sequence by taking physics 2. It kicked my ass, as expected.

9) Continued my photo walk tradition. This time I took photos of grass and leaves. It was more interesting that it sounds. Really.

10) Realized that studying in my apartment was impossible and so made JP’s Java my makeshift home for finals week. There’s nothing like buying one coffee and then occupying a chair in the cafe for 5 hours.

11) Took the best class I’ve ever taken in college - World Literature taught by Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza. I was forced to read some of the greatest works ever written – Faust, Medea, Hamlet, Les Fleurs du mal, Inferno and many others. It was too cool.

12) Went with a friend to clarify a couple of doubts with a professor before our exam. Had to sit for 45 minutes listening to the professor ramble on about his years in the industry. After a while I gave up the act of listening and pretending to laugh at his ‘jokes’, and started playing with my pen. Blade took on a new meaning that day.

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One semester to go!


Idling in Top Gear said...

One more semester before they check you out, eh? Good luck on the last leg of school. Looking at jobs/ grad programs?

Anonymous said...

Wish you have a wonderful semester and do all the interesting stuff you want to do.

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

"Scored 0 off 11 balls in a 4 over taped tennis ball tournament as our team lost in the finals. I should have got the man of the match award, really."

Man! Some confidence. I will hit my own wickets if I am 0 off 6 balls in a 4 over game :D

Must have been interesting experience :)

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

And easiest costume for Haloween. Dress up in your cricket whites :D

White chicks ask you what you are dressed as and that breaks the ice :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Where did you get your hair cut with fardeen khan?

Neon said...


Looking to start working, but not before a euro trip in the summer



@k bodhi,

haha i did consider the cricket costume, but i wear it for every weekend game and americans have never asked me why i was dressed in white


at the hair cutting place at taj

Anonymous said...

To quote a famous line from a famous line.."Jahanpanah, Tussi great ho".

Good luck on your job hunt and I hope you NEVER stop writing.


Neon said...

please, shy is coming :)