Sunday, December 06, 2009


“I heard his shirt moving. He’s the mafia, he was pointing at the person he wanted to kill”.

“Why would I move? I didn’t move”.

“Man, I could sense your shirt moving, man. Mafia.”

“Dude, how can you sense someone’s shirt moving? I’m not the mafia.”

“Any other nominations for Mafia… no, okay, so who votes to remove Niyantha? Alright, majority. Niyantha is out, and he was the mafia”.

“Ok fine, I did move. But it was only because I didn’t want to kill SD and he wanted to. So I moved my hands around to tell him to kill someone else.”

“Wait, tell who?”


The laughter that ensued was over the top, IMO.


Va-Lyra said...

That was dumb

Neon said...


Yes, it was. And what's Va-lyra?

lazy18 said... thot that was hilarious!

G said...

i LOVE mafia! :D

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Oh! Do you get pissed when some idiot picks you as the mafia when you are NOT and it is clear to you who the mafia is?

I love mafia. Super game.

Neon said...


yea, especially when he says 'i have a hunch it's you'

chutney said...

OH. so its about some board game. no wonder i didnt get it. my knowledge in this area is limited to snake-and-ladder.

neon said...

it's a really fun game ->

Anonymous said...

Engappan kudhirukulla illa!