Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life of the Vetti

I went on a trip to Rameswaram with the family and it involved wearing a veshti, getting teary eyed due to homam smoke, visiting temples aplenty and having water from 22 different wells dumped on my camera and I (while still wearing the aforementioned veshti). I am not a religious person, and I do not care much for temples. Also, I did not possess enough of a curve in the stomach area to hold up the veshti that I was given. Needless to say, I won’t be hurrying back to Rameswaram on a temple visiting spree. The natural beauty of the place was quite wonderful, though, and Dhanush Kodi was a sight to behold. However, the water at Dhanush Kodi was flowing at a good speed and it uruvified my veshti, but I guess, all’s well that ends well.


The highlight of the trip was the chance to really hang out with my family. Ever since I started college, I meet my parents and sister for only 3ish weeks each year and that’s hardly enough time. Half the time goes in my parents berating me for wearing jeans that perform the extra task of sweeping the floor. In my defense, I assumed I would grow into them. My genes let me down.

When one is vetti, one gets hungry. My biggest problem with college is the horrible food. After months of eating out, I had lost the desire to eat. The situation was so bad that I momentarily even considered cooking as an option. Luckily, the winter holidays happened and I’m making up for the past year by gorging on paruppu saadam and rasam saadam for lunch and dinner and dosas and idlis for breakfast. Batchanam satisfies the brunch and linner (yes, I plan to popularize the linner concept) requirements, especially when aided by filter coffee.

filter coffee 
So yes, the last two weeks have been beautiful – I doubt the future will be kind enough to give me this much time to do nothing of use. In celebration of being vetti, my plan for New Years eve is to oor suthify with friends, and hopefully score some tickets for either 3 idiots or Avatar. The latter is going to be close to impossible thanks to a lot of people also being vetti at this time. In times of impending disappointment such as this, I recall the wise words of Appu Soppu, my most illustrious third standard classmate - “What to do, The sky is blue”. 

His brilliance lay in his succinct observations of the complex ways of the world.


Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

"and it uruvified my veshti, but I guess, all’s well that ends well."

Ha ha ha! Did you not do the mandatory belt on veshti thingy?

And please avoid 3 idiots! Pretty please

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

By the way are you getting any action in Madras?

P.S. By action I mean cricket

neon said...

No cricket yet, hoping my cousin might be able to get me a game before i leave

Anonymous said...

I would say, "What to do? Its raining outside!"-from Apoorva raagangal.