Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving has never been the most joyous of occasions for me. Last year I sat at home, in Austin, reading up on network protocols and differential equations in order to tackle the multitude of exams that were to take place the following week. This year I’m sitting at home, in Austin, reading up on optics and probability to tackle the multitude of exams that will be taking place in the following week. A sad pattern, indeed. However, in a departure from last year’s celebration, this time a cheese pizza from 7/11 served as the main course. A pleasant change compared to the frozen tortillas and cheese that my friend and I made use of to appease our hunger this time last year.

The break hasn’t been all that bad though. I was invited over by a friend for dinner that easily made up for the 7/11 cuisine I had indulged in for lunch, I watched Alaipayuthey again only to wonder (again) if this would work in real life, and Texas beat A&M in its march towards the inevitable national championship. The roads are empty which definitely makes driving a lot more fun and the absence of college students means that I can walk through West Campus without the fear of being hit by beer bottles thrown from the roof-tops.

But clearly, the best thing about this break is the fact that the crazy dog that keeps barking at me has left town with its owner for Thanksgiving. Being able to walk out of the apartment without having to fear for my limbs, now that’s something to be thankful for.


chutney said...

haha, that scene is gold! try it on some girl in tambaram railway station the next time you're here, you'll get your answer :D

Kaushik said...

Actually, for variety, you should try it out with one vella-kaara ammani in one of the campus buses there -
"Sexy (vis-a-vis Shakthi), I don't love you, I don't desire you, I don't even think you look good. But I fear all of this might happen. Let me know what you think."
Thankfully, indha kuluru'la yevalum shoe'va kaitta maatta. Enna aardho sollu. :D

neon said...


true, only one way to find out


chennai'la kulura?

Anonymous said...

Written in a lighter vein after your many serious posts recently. How come dogs bother you where ever you are?