Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Knock For The Ages

A nudge here,a nudge there
Would have gotten us nowhere
351 we needed to chase
And only 300 to face

He walked out with the marauder from Najafgarh
And played second fiddle
Singles and doubles would do just fine
While Sehwag was clearing the line

The crowd chanted his name
They wanted 17k, screw the game
A flick off the hips for run #7
God had taken a break from heaven

The wickets soon started to fall
A big target left to overhaul
He picked up the pace
To put the scowl back on Ponting's face

Nathan Hauritz came in and tossed a few
And that was his cue
To dance down the track
And give the ball a royal thwack

Up went the bat and the helmet
Ton #45, against him who would bet?
The master was turning back the clock
Not yet over was this knock

He swept the ball fine
No fielder could shout 'Mine!'
Victory was in sight
The game was ours, right?

In came McKay and bowled a slower one
Hauritz caught it, the genius was outdone
One by one, everyone fell
The clock had been turned back, you could tell

We fell 3 runs short
And the Aussies we couldn't thwart
It turned out to be the matter of one wicket
Of the guy who's the reason we love our Cricket.

Image Courtesy: Cricinfo


Anonymous said...

Tendulkar is one of a kind and so is your passionate ode to the Little Master. Memorable innings, but sad that we lost the match.

Mr. K Bodhi said...

I really had tears in my eyes when Jadeja was run out. I was scared. Scared of a '99 encore. And it happened.

But don't worry. We will win the other two. I am sure.

Mr. K Bodhi said...

"It turned out to be the matter of one wicket
Of the guy who's the reason we love our Cricket."

Beautiful:) Really beautiful.

chutney said...

This is like writing poetry... on poetry.

neon said...


Gracias :)

@Mr. K Bodhi

You change blogs way too often. And we're winning the next two games fo sho.



chutney said...

Couldn't help saying this but, Vada Poche!

4-3 or 5-2?

neon said...

4-3, obviously