Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In my fifth semester, I...

My fifth semester at UT ended today. It's been my hardest semester, academically and otherwise. There are many things that can almost break a man, and studying for a  Computer Architecture final for 5 consecutive days ranks high on that list. But, it's all over now and a much needed trip to Chennai is 2 days away!

Reader(s) of this blog might remember seeing posts about what I really do during my semesters at college and this is another one in what promises to be an 8 part series (I hope).

So, without further adieu, in my fifth semester, I

1. Saw snow in Austin, and I mean proper snow. Like real snow flakes. The white, flake shaped kind.

2. Got smacked on the face by hail. The beautiful snow, sadly, didn't last too long.

3. Went to Seattle. Highlights include playing with the Microsoft Surface and attempting to take pictures of the city without destroying the camera in the rain and wind at the top of the Space Needle.

4. Stayed up till 5am to watch India beat England in a cracker of a match at Chepauk. Studying for my aforementioned final would have been wiser, but missing Sachin score that winning boundary would have been criminal.

5. Found out the hard way that everything is closed on Thanksgiving. Spent 3 hours looking for food all around Austin before finally coming across an open Mexican supermarket. Tortillas with ready made Dal Makhni is not too terrible.

6. Saw a creepy, old Indian guy in the library who came often to the same study lounge and did nothing but stare at the people around him. Quite a few theories were postulated about why he was the way he was, but the opinion that he was creepy was unanimous.

7. Ended up going to my Differential Equations class a total of 9 times. It was not entirely my fault though - 8 am is an unseemly hour to wake up at.

8. Had my worst ever season with the bat and best ever season with the ball in the Central Texas Cricket League.

9. Added more credibility to the claim that I am a klutz. I fell down while climbing up the stairs with a laundry basket, spilt my coffee several times in the microwave oven and banged into a desk while trying to show my room-mate that I could do more than 10 consecutive push-ups.

10. Voted for the first time ever. Yes, he won and is apparently bringing change to America. No more begging for quarters for laundry anymore.

11. Correctly predicted that it would not rain in Austin on a day when every news channel predicted heavy thunder showers. Even the UT football game was postponed. I, however, incorrectly predicted on a November night that it would be warm  and had to walk back home in the cold wearing a flimsy t-shirt.

12. Drove around Austin at 2 am looking for Hot Chocolate. Gave up after a luck-less hour and a half and went over to a friend's place and quietly drank his 'hot chocolate'. Also heard about his stimulating Tori Amos experience, but let's not venture into that.

13. Spilt coke in exactly the same way (holding the cup closer to the top) thrice - once at Burger King, once at Wendy's and once at home.

14. Walked to campus on a fine Friday morning with just my camera. Had lunch with a friend and did not do anything even remotely academic. The fact that I had a weekday with nothing to do did not seem to throw me off. And as a result, did not submit the homework that was apparently due that day.

Ignorance, really is bliss.

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Ramanujam said...

My first semester in VT ended just now after completing a take home final! It was one helluva experience....

Have a nice break in Chennai!

Ram said...

:) Have a great trip back home. Hope to run into you sometime.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a good semester and wishing you the best for the coming one!

Anonymous said...

" is apparently bringing change to America. No more begging for quarters for laundry anymore" - that is really great sense of humor - kudos to you for enjoying you do.

neon said...


Thanks, hope you have a great break too!


When are you going to be in Chennai?

@Anonymous 1,

Thanks :)

@Anonymous 2,