Saturday, November 08, 2008

5 Things I Learnt From My Seattle Trip

1. Do not say "you too" when the ticket checker at the airport says "Have a safe flight."

2. Wear pants that don't fall down during the security check. But more importantly, why do they want to scan my belt?

3. If a cab driver asks "Where in India are you from?", say Chennai, not Madras. Otherwise, the cab driver will butcher Tamil just to show that he knows that Madras and Chennai refer to the same place.

4. Mention 'mild spice' when ordering pizza from an Indian pizza store to avoid eyes welling up while watching Seinfeld.

5. Remember to change the time-zone on the phone before setting an alarm to wake up for an important interview.

P.S: Shameless un-related plug - A Man Of His Own Terms (A Tribute to Sourav Ganguly)


maxdavinci said...

Wear pants that don't fall down during the security check

ROFL, u kiddin right?

Neon said...

i wish...

Anonymous said...

Thank God that the time zone of Austin is ahead of Seattle, so that the alarm woke you up earlier and not the other way around.

adi said...

ROFL @ pants falling. mild spice, lol ,and where are these "Indian" pizza stores!!?

Neon said...

exactly, lol

Microsoft and Amazon are in Seattle => Indians are in Seattle => Indian pizza stores in Seattle! They however tried to disguise themselves as an authentic Italian pizzeria... did not work lol

Lavanya said...

Scanning pants....hmm niyantha what are you hiding from us?

neon said...

not much actually due to the falling pants fiasco