Friday, October 17, 2008

Time wasting tactics to avoid studying Differential Equations:

1. Doing a vanity search.

2. Trying to take a 5 minute power nap and waking up drowsier.

3. Watching Charlie bite his brother on YouTube.

4. Getting nostalgic and going through Sachin's scores from his first test series (Cricinfo has everything!).

5. Checking my reflection on the laptop screen.

6. Learning how to say the ten most commonly used French phrases via an instructional video on YouTube.

Comment allez-vous?

7. Looking at the sun shining brightly outside and reminiscing about the extremely hot and humid days back home in Madras. Good times.

8. Staring absentmindedly through the window thereby freaking out people passing by.

9. Yawning for a really long time.

10. Making a pointless list.


Hemalata said...

good one!!! reminds me of the time i was in an examination hall wid loads of time n was thinkin of ways to waste time then!!!

Anonymous said...

Yawning for a really long time- I can imagine you doing it. Procrastinatng in so many different ways. Really funny post.