Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Proud to be lame

What did the Java programmer say to the C++ programmer at their 10 year college reunion?

"Long time, no C!"


Anonymous said...

What did the C programmer say to the Java programmer?

Hi! Some coffee....

Back to being 'Ok' said...


Originala idu?

P.S. Did you notice.

vengserkar out => rohit sharma out
raja out => Oohja out
Sreekant in => Badri in

Idling in Top Gear said...

We had a coffee shop at my school called Java One. They sponsored a movie night on campus at one of the bigger auditoriums. Before the show, the announcer said, "this movie night is brought to you by Java One." A nerdy Turkish PhD student in one of the front rows cluelessly shouted out loudly and proudly, "That's outdated. The latest version is Java 1.2" leaving the guys on stage in total confusion and a sum total of a dozen Indian CS and Engineering guys (self-included) in 3 seconds of mild amusement.

Neon said...


Lol, yea there does seem to be some pattern. But Im glad to hear that Srikkhant went and spoke to Rohit Sharma about why he was dropped. To be honest, Rohit Sharma does not have a domestic record to warrant a test spot, Badri on the other hand does.

@idling in top gear,

Did all of you slap your foreheads in sync on the 4th second?