Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting back that lost form

I've been opening the batting in the last 4 games for my league team and I've made scores of 0, 1, 0 and 0. It's a bit like how Marvan Atapattu used to bat when he first played for Sri Lanka. Only once have I lost my wicket to a good ball. The ball pitched outside off, swung in and sent my middle stump for a walk. There was nothing left to do but nod at the bowler for cleaning me up with a beauty, and then trudge back to the pavilion (two benches separated by a barbecue grill).

I used to relish opening the batting, but now I shudder to even think of facing the new ball. I've struck the ball thrice in the last 18 balls that I've faced (and two of those shots resulted in me getting out caught and bowled) . Venkatesh Prasad would do better than that against Wasim Akram.

I was able to justify picking myself in the 11 in spite of these terrible scores because I was doing really well with the ball. I was getting the ball to land on the right spots and the opposing batsmen were actually playing me out with the hope of trying to go after the other bowlers. But there are only so many failures you can take before anger and disappointment sets in. The previous game I was tonked for 26 runs off two overs and we lost the game in 11 overs.

I guess the only way to get back the lost form is to drop myself down the order and hope for a bit of luck. I know that my confidence with the bat is just a fluent cover drive away.

Harsha Bhogle often says, "When you're out of form, you see the fielders. When you're in form, you see the gaps".

I see the gaps alright. I walk through them, back to the pavilion, everytime I get out.

Update: This is unrelated to the post but this is a link to an absolutely fantastic article by Rohit Brijnath on Cricinfo. He talks about how the fab 5 of the Indian Cricket team have been such an integral part of the life of every Indian who followed Indian Cricket since the 90s. The last sentence of the article gave me goosebumps.


Back to being 'Ok' said...

Tough luck mate! In any case I think it is always easier to bat at No. 5-6 when the ball is old. If you are the stand-and-deliver kind it helps cauze the ball is not swinging. If you are the nudge kind the field is usually spread out. And the 4rth-5th bowler is bowling. Unless you are a bad player of spin I don't see why it should be a bad idea. But then most of the guys here are nehrus, i.e., neera podu vanga.

And you just described my situation.
"But there are only so many failures you can take before anger and disappointment sets in."

1-0-25-0. Two overstepping noballs and so two free hits. I dont know if I should even turn up for practice and the match.

Neon said...

Yep, the middle order does seem very inviting. At least until I can put bat to ball!

Oh, I wouldn't get discouraged by those stats. I was once tonked for 18 runs in one over and the very next game I got two wickets for cheap. Bowling in the US is quite unforgiving, grounds are small and so even mishits go for sixes.

Anonymous said...

Read Rohit Brijnath's article. Reading the last line you got goosebumpsey, shows your real passion for cricket. Wishing you best of luck for your future matches.