Friday, October 03, 2008

Conversations - 2

(We are watching the VP debate on CNN. K and J are room-mates. B, Is and A are my room-mates)

K: Wow, your apartment is clean now.
Me: Yea, I cleaned it up yesterday.
K: You think I'm gonna fall for that. I heard you called a maid.
Me: Yea...
J: You guys called a maid?
Me: Yep, you saw how the kitchen was.
J: I felt so weird when I had to call a maid for the first time.
Me: So, you've called a maid too.
J: Yea, but I had never called one before.
Me: Well, yea. You lived with your parents.
K: It was weird at first but then when we found out that the maid service was booked for a whole week, we felt a lot better. Everyone does this shit!
J: How did your kitchen get so dirty?
Me: Well it started in the summer, when there were 5 people living in a two bedroom apartment...
J: Ah.
B: Me and Is cleaned up the living room and the bedroom. The kitchen was supposed to have been cleaned...
J and K: Ahh....
Me: I mean, yea, I was supposed to clean it, but see I did. I threw away the dirty dishes and A was supposed to get rid of the flies.
J: You guys had flies?!
Me: Yep, and A's solution was to attack flies with the hose of a vacuum cleaner.
J and K: WHAT!
B: Yep, we were watching TV one day and we suddenly hear the vacuum cleaner at work. We thought A was vacuuming the carpet but we turn around and we see him trying to suck the flies into the vacuum hose.
Me: It was hilarious, but completely unfruitful.
J: It kinda makes sense that the flies would get sucked in...
Me: Yea, but when they see a tall guy with a vacuum hose, their natural instinct would be to fly the hell away, right?

We then notice that the debate is going on.

Me: Did Palin just wink at us again?
S: No, she was winking at her dad.
Me: Great, now I don't feel special anymore.


Vivek said...

Found this through Ms Chutney.
Really nice posts. Gonna be a regular visitor here!!

chutney said...

Rofl! Classic Chandrababu! Attacking flies with a vaccum cleaner. Oh i would pay good money to see that.

Neon said...

Thanks Vivek!


haha, luckily chandrababu doesn't read this blog

maxdavinci said...

wo gaaad, vacuum n flies....

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post. A is really funny!

adi said...

lol onnaku idhuvum vennu innuvum vennu!