Monday, August 04, 2008

In My Fourth Semester, I

I usually post my end-of-semester post a week after I'm done with my final exams. This time, a week after finals, I was in London and Paris. Not even my imaginary blog fan could have forced me to write anything during my euro trip, and so now I post my long awaited (you are welcome, Angelina) post on what I did in my fourth semester of college.

In my fourth semester, I

1. finished a self-study course 4 weeks before I had to, but missed the early final because I didn't pay close enough attention to the date of the exam.

2. kept wickets, bowled off spin and took two wickets, took two catches (one as keeper and one as bowler) and opened the batting in a game that we won with a bonus point. Personally one of my better days on a Cricket field.

3. had no class on Friday.

4. got a kick ass car. It was my dad's car but he moved back to India and I was the lucky beneficiary. The next thing to do is to get a custom license plate that reads NEON.

5. wrote a piece on Chennai in chaste Hindi and it was published in a book called Sandesh. Ok, everyone in my Hindi class got published but a year ago, I couldn't even frame a sentence in Hindi.

6. discovered the cold, sweet tasting beauty that is Starbuck's Mocha Frappucino - double blended.

7. won the election to become the Vice Captain of the Longhorn Cricket Club. Gave impromptu speech about how the captain or vice captain is not necessarily the best batsman or the best bowler because clearly I wouldn't have had a shot otherwise.

8. played my most successful April Fools prank to date.

9. decided that the 5-5-5 deal (three medium pizzas for $5 each) from Pizza Hut was the best bet when hungry. The food was cheap and it came to me.

10. witnessed my first ever hail storm. The lights went out, our old rickety apartment started to shake and the dashboard of my kick-ass car that was parked facing the sky cracked. The experience could have been better.

11. did not buy a single text book. I consider this a big achievement since I was naive enough to shelve out $150 dollars for a Calculus book in my first semester.

12. took Micro-Economics because it sounded cool. It turned out to be the most boring class I've ever enrolled in with the professor telling us to remember that the supply curve faced upwards because the word 'up' was in s'up'ply. As a result, I ended up honing my crossword and sudoku skills in class.

13. accidentally used inappropriate innuendo with my Hindi professor in class. We had to use two verbs in the future tense and come up with a sentence. Most of the verbs were used up when my turn came and so I said, "Main so-oonga, tum daloge".

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Idling in Top Gear said...

Only slow kids buy textbooks, especially when the copy center is so close to the bookstore! :) Learned that my freshman year in college.

Lol @ "tum daloge!" What were you thinking!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. you are published in Hindi as well! Good for you.

maxdavinci said...

hindi classes in UTA? interestin....

I got 95 in my Economics Board Exam. said...

Micro Economics is a great subject, don't call it boring just cause you didn't have the brains to appreciate it. :P

Actually, I don't blame you, I blame your professor. Supply curve is facing upwards because it has the word up in it? Good Lord!

Micro Economics can be applied everywhere in life, which is one of the reasons its such an awesome subject. Lets the take the very reason why the supply curve is facing upwards, ie, The Law of Diminishing returns.

Let's say you know a joke X. The first time you tell the joke, maybe 2 people will laugh at it, and the second time you tell the joke, some more will be able to appreciate it and laugh along. But the moment you start keep saying the same joke again and again, people are going to get less amused, bored, irritated, frustrated and finally, angry (in that order) and some may even throw an egg (or two) at you. This is ofcourse, under the assumption that you say the joke in the exact same way and same words again and again.

This, is exactly what the law of diminishing returns is all about. Elaam oru levelkku apram useless. Idha apdiye translate to fancy english is the "law".

Supply curvekkum idhukkum enna connection na, enna dhaan nee nariya supply pannalum, na ivlo dhaan vaangaporen.

It helps when you understand the subject intuitively. Because this is just the basic stuff, and forms the base of any further analysis in Eco and/or decision making.

And all you science peter monkeys thought commerce was some kind of cakewalk.

Neon said...

@idling in top gear,

I only realized the alternate meaning of that sentence when two guys who were taking the class just for the A started laughing. The professor actually asked me to repeat myself because he thought he had misunderstood me. I gladly repeated the same sentence again...


Neon said...


yea, UT has an amazing South Asian Studies department.

@eco nerd (:P),

First of all, I apologize if you thought that I insulted what looks like your favourite subject. Let me clarify, i enjoyed the subject, not the class.

Oh, and yes, commerce is a cakewalk ;) I started studying for eco two days before my final exam and i made an A in the class... but thanks for the joke example though. Looks like PSBB knows how to teach you guys with the help out-of-the-box examples.

I may be an eco nerd, but I'm an awesome Eco Nerd. said...

Yea right PSBB taught me that. Its a great school n all, but it takes a deep understanding of the law plus a separate class of brains and creativity to come up with an example like that.


I just read my comment again, and really, I am just too good.

Neon said...

you also have to be pretty vetti :P

I'm still awesome :P said...

Vetti a? ada paavi, i just spent some quality time trying to help you understand some ground breaking concepts in Eco and you call me vetti.

But pretty, yes, very much. :) :P