Sunday, August 10, 2008

I bold and orange, because I can

Driving without music: I had to wake up at 7:30 in the morning today to drop a friend off at a Cricket ground. At about 4:30 AM I figured that I could do with some sleep before driving 30 miles back and forth. I also decided that I would burn an awesome mix to entertain me when I make the long drive back home. The CD was going to be a collection of Clapton, Mayer, and Jack Johnson songs, but when I inserted the burnt CD all I saw was 'Error' on the stereo display. It is so not fun driving on your own, with no good music and only concrete and more concrete as the sights to take in.

Last Week of Work: At the end of this week, I would have successfully completed my first internship. At work, I have 6 other colleagues who are interns and all of us work in cubicles in a big room. Three of us go to UT, three go to Oklahoma University, and one goes to Texas A&M. The rivalry amongst these schools is pretty intense, but unfortunately all the jabs that we, the Longhorns, have made have been met with silence. The A&M guy likes UT (he is part of a rare breed), and the OU guys don't really care when we make insanely funny jokes (Why doesn't Texas drown in the Gulf of Mexico? Because Oklahoma sucks).

An Indecisive E-Shopper: I have been scouring the web for a good digital SLR camera for a while now. I am an amateur at photography and I did not want anything too complex or too expensive. I finally settled on the Olympus E-410, a very portable DSLR that was in the lower price range. Whenever I need to make an expensive purchase, I get cold feet. Until I start supporting myself financially, I think this trait of mine is going to persist. As a result, I put off the decision for a few hours and when I came back online, I couldn't decide which merchant to buy it from. So I had to do what I always do when I don't know what to do: call mom. After some forceful "Camera vaangu da!"1 from her, I finally clicked the purchase button.

I can now put so much vetti scene with the camera!

California Calling: Right after I get done with my internship, I head off to Los Angeles, California. My sister who has to always one-up me in everything is joining USC after a year in LSE and I'm using that as an excuse to go to my favourite state in the US (Ok, I'll be glad to see you too sis). This time I have the license to drive and so hopefully I can drive down the Pacific Highway - I've heard the view is breathtaking. I would also love to go clubbing in LA, but the entry for the clubs is going to be on the steeper side...

And I doubt my mom will be like "Club-ukku po da!"2.

1 "Buy the camera"
2 "Go to the club"


maxdavinci said...

Club-ukku po da!

superrrr! and now you bleddy undergrads wanna make us ppl chained to our cubicles feel bad?

po ya po, CA ku po, LA ku po LV ku po...Write abt it as well, we shall read and feel even more miserable!

Madhuri Shekar said...

Make California mix CD for the PCH drive!

California- Phantom Planet, of course.
California- Rufus Wainwright
California Dreaming- Mamas and Papas
Californication and Dani California- RHCP
More Bounce (in California)- Soul Kid #1
Hotel California- by those guys

and of course

California Songs

Anonymous said...

The new Nazar lay out is awesome! So is your new camera. Congratulations on both counts. The Oklahoma sucks joke is very funny.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the drive! And FYI, I cannot drive without music too. I'll be in some dreamland all the time 'cause I drive very subconsciously. So far, so good!

Anonymous said...

you may not be able to drive a rental car because you have to be over 25 to drive a rental car - sorry.

Anonymous said...

may be you can ask your dad - he will probably say "po-ga-lan vaa-da club-ukku" - try that.

Neon said...


no tension, innum konjam naalula retirement age vandhudum, adhuku apram ooralam sutthalam :P


how about you make it? my cd burner does not like me.




you would be advised not to drive like that in austin lol, almost every other person on the road drives like a maniac


my dad is actually going to be in cali as well so that shouldn't be a problem.

"po-ga-lan vaa-da club-ukku"

hehe, not going to happen

Idling in Top Gear said...

Enjoy the Golden state. I know I have for the last 2 yrs! Re: Clubbing - Are you 21 yet? If not, sorry buddy, but you aren't getting in to anywhere good in LA unless you're in some way/ shape/ form connected to the showbiz industry.