Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You sure I'll get something vegetarian?

The menu at the restaurant I went to today, for an intern lunch:


Madhuri Shekar said...

On today's rerun of The Amazing Race, they had to eat something that still had hair and teeth on it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would be afraid to breathe the air in that place, what with pig intestines and the stomachs of cows. Well, atleast dogs and snakes were not there!

Idling in Top Gear said...

My friend spent some time in China and came back with pictures of "Chicken rectum soup!" I think at a certain point, it stops being a delicacy and is firmly in the realm of fetish!

Neon said...


that's why im still not sure if i can win the amazing race...need to find a team mate who will do all that gross stuff and let me do the cool jumping and air gliding stuff.


I think dog meat is illegal in the US or else that too might have been on the menu. I think.

@idling in top gear,

haha yes, this restaurant was just a poor imitation of the stuff you get in the actual china towns.

lavanya said...

You should try finding vegetarian stuff in Bangkok.
The waiters go "vejitewian? yes yes vejitewian!" and bring squid soup. :D

Anonymous said...

lol, what did you have?!

Neon said...


haha true, similar thing happened to me in phuket


i had the 'vegetarian delight'! It was the only veggie dish on the menu

maxdavinci said...

it's easy being a veggie. doesnt take time to order!

Neon said...


haha yes, so true