Sunday, July 06, 2008

Music and Moments

I reminisce a lot and I blame the music I listen to for this. Somehow, the moments that I truly remember have a song associated with them.

Anjali Anjali, from Duet, is one of AR Rahman’s best tunes, quite possibly just because of the magnificence of SPB’s voice, beautifully set up by Kadri Gopalnath on the saxophone. The song takes me back to those lazy Saturday afternoons in Madras, when Tamil movies from the 90s would be playing on Sun TV, Raj TV and the like. I remember seeing Duet quite a few times – I would sit eating ‘batchanam’ while my dad would fall asleep on the reclining chair.

I have never mentioned any attempts of mine to woo the fairer sex mostly because there have been close to none. UB40’s version of Can’t Help Falling in Love reminds me of my first real crush. It was hardly love but I remember hearing that song lot those days, and I was listening to it out of necessity rather than choice. I shall leave it at that, for I do love to create the intrigue.

Malargale from Love Birds, another Rahman score for the ages. I remember it being my uncle’s favourite song and he told me about how hard it was to sing to this tune because there were no real beats to help the singers. I accepted that without disagreement (possibly because I was 8) and now I don’t care to find out if that is true, for that could possibly ruin the moment, right?

I’m going to move away from my Rahman obsession for a moment and impress you with my taste in Irish music. Lough Erin Shore by The Corrs was the first song I listened to right after my final 12th standard board exam. I was so tired when I reached home that I just threw my bag away and lay down on the couch, aiming to get some sleep before meeting my classmates later that day. This song was playing on my Ipod and it hit me then that school was over for good, surprisingly something that I had been wishing for the past 13 years.

I don’t remember too much of the first five years of my life, when we were in San Jose, California. Two songs, though, have stuck with me. I was 3, I think, when I first saw Kizhakku Vaasal – too young to understand what was going on but still old enough to enjoy Veetikku Veetikku Vasapadi Vaendum. It was sung and composed by Ilayaraja and I used to watch that movie almost every other day just for that song. I think the video cassette got worn out just because of my repeated viewing. The other song I was jamming to at that age was Kuzhal Oodhum Kannanukku from Mella Thiranda Kanavu. Another Ilayaraja classic and my mom would play it in the car everyday as she picked me up from kindergarten. I think it was mostly on my insistence.

I went to quite a few birthday parties in Madras. My mom’s friends loved to throw these lavish parties for their kids – everyone in sight was invited – and all I really enjoyed was the cake. There was this one party, however, that for some odd reason had Hindi music playing. This was a rare occurrence those days (about 11 years ago), to hear non-Tamil music in a birthday party. It seemed as if they were playing Meri Mehbooba, from Pardes, on loop and that’s when my obsession for Hindi film music began. Yesterday, someone expressed surprise when I guessed what song was playing (Pappu can’t dance) as soon as the singer went ‘this is…’

No near end in sight for this obsession.

Music and Moments

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Anonymous said...

The summer issue of Nazar is really good, though I wish there were more articles on current happenings in India, Pakistan, Burma etc. I am very happy to read this particular post as I realize how you remember these old songs and actually associate feelings and events to them. When I was thirteen we took a road trip visiting several temples in south India and we used to listen to this beautiful hindi number from a Manoj Kumar movie in the car almost repeatedly since there weren't many cassettes in the car. I rarely hear that song now, but when I do, I am really really transported to those happy days and I feel that I am traveling again with my family in the car. Good post.

Wicked :D said...


Do you play superselector? I am looking for a group to play with. Most of my friends claim they are too old for this.


Neon said...

@wicked :d,

i used to play it a long time ago and then they started charging money to register a team and i lost interest after that.

Wicked :D said...

Nope! They dont charge money. Max, Adi Padi and I have started a league. Max is the moderator. Why don't you let max know you are interested.

Wicked :D said...

I was just messing around. No offence intended.