Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - A Short Review

When I came out of the theater on Saturday, I was not able to figure out why I was so enamored with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. I remembered looking at my watch a couple of times during the movie (when there is no intermission, 153 minutes is very long), I found the supporting cast of Rotlu, Bombs, Jignesh and Shaleen to border on the annoying quite a few times and the ending was obvious going into the theater (movie tag line:'When do you know its love?').

The movie had quite a few faults, but there were these moments and performances in the movie that just made all those defects seem inconsequential. In the beginning of the initial credits appears the message 'Special Thanks to Naseeruddin Shah'. The marvellous thespian deserves so much more than just a special thanks -he was hilarious as the fearless and violent Rathore from Ranjhore. The movie came to life whenever his portrait did. All his scenes with Ratna Pathak Shah were just class - the two actors were on form.

There were some truly laugh out loud scenes in the movie - Jai's mother uttering 'Voh mera pati ka beta' as she sees Jai riding on a horse through the streets of Bombay, and of course Jignesh inviting Jai for his 'surprise' birthday party. Imran Khan and Genelia, as Jai and Aditi, turned in impressive performances. They had great chemistry and they rocked that final climax scene in the airport.

I'm pretty sure this movie is going to be my new Dil Chahta Hai. I'm going to end up watching this movie whenever there is nothing to do, and I don't expect to stop humming 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi' any time soon.


Ridhima said...

I don't think the movie has the depth of Dil Chahta Hai...but was worth 175 bucks I shelled out =)

Loved the songs (most of them). Hope someone will upload the lyrics for me to hum along.

Anonymous said...

Hey I had a lot of respect for you. I liked the fact that you played cricket. But this post has made think!

Jaane tu... is a really really bad movie.


Neon said...


"Hey I had a lot of respect for you. I liked the fact that you played cricket. But this post has made think!"

Really? I'm so devastated...how am i ever going to find the will to get past this disappointment

Coconut Chutney said...

Haven't seen jaane tu yet although its running in the theater 2 minutes away (I'm staying in Marine drive! :D), should get to seeing it when I come back to chennai cause I have the hugesttttttt crush on Imran Khan. Pappu is hot, saala! :D

Ok is basically suffering from vayatherichal-itis. Andha kezhaboltukku 'youth' feelings laam puriyaadhu.
:P :D
rofl @ the reply though, I'm proud of you. :D

go-phish said...

the movie was fun and in a really odd way...spunky! I esp liked the last bits... the meow meow joke wasnt the most subtle but it did seem like the funniest thing at the time! somehow, it doesnt come close to DCH (in my head) but was pretty fab nonetheless! :p
(the waiting for Godot board was also a nice existentialist touch!)

Neon said...

@coconut chutney,

u were staying on marine drive?? damn, impressive


i dint get the godot reference when i saw the movie but it then hit me when i realized i had to pronounce it as Mr.Guhdoh and not go-dot. And yea, while I liked the movie i dont think its in the same class as DCH. It just falls into my DCH category of movies - a film that is youth centric and is good fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

really? I thought Godot is from the play Waiting for Godot, and signifies someone who never arrives. Some analogy with waiting for the one made for you, or something on those lines.

Neon said...


yea that is what i think it means too, went completely over my head when i saw the sign in the movie though

Gauri Gharpure said...

wonderful film.. tht airport scene when Jai rushes in the airport and Bombs ask, 'Jai bhi America jaa raha hai?' was fun!! and yes, the 'aditi ko visa bhi mil gaya tha' lines from jiggy were so typically gujju.. :D