Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight Movie Review

Spoiler alert: I do talk about a couple of scenes from the movie.

I’ve never reached a theater an hour before the show is supposed to begin. I had bought my tickets online, but the line to retrieve those tickets extended up to the parking lot. I also greatly annoyed those beyond me when it was my turn to get my ticket – fifteen of my friends stuffed their online ticket confirmation receipts in my hand. But see, I didn’t give a hoot – I was going to see Batman!

I’ve never seen a movie which has ever had to bear the burden of so much hype (the trailer was so kick-ass). To overcome the unbelievable expectations of the audience had to be impossible, right? Seriously man, what a movie!

The Joker is introduced in an awesomely masterminded bank robbery and Heath Ledger plays the villain in a way Jack Nicholson never did. The Heath Ledger Joker is a maniacal villain who does what he does because he relishes destruction, enjoys slowing down the agony. He taunts a police officer in the movie, saying that he knew his friends best because he saw what they really were, when he slowly used his knife to take away their lives.

Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Harvey Dent/Two Face were very good in their portrayals as well, but seriously, this is Ledger's movie. The scene with Batman pounding the hell out of the Joker and the Joker responding with his crazy laughter is one of my favourites. He just keeps laughing and taunting Batman ("What are you going to threathen me with?"). He derives insane pleasure from getting under the skin of a man he dearly wants to unmask.

The special effects and stunts in this movie take a backseat amidst the performances of Ledger, Bale, Eckhart and Oldman (as Inspector Gordon). How often do you see the CGI merge seamlessly with the narrative? The effects don’t take precedence over what the actors are trying to convey, and yet build up the riveting tension that Ledger and Bale love to play off.

There is a truck that does a somersault, and Batman bursts out of the Batmobile in a motorbike – this is very much an action movie. Yet, there is much more. There is a marvelously constructed story that has as one of its main underlying themes what Harvey Dent says in the beginning of the movie – “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.

My Verdict: 9.5/10


Anonymous said...

Wiil do.

gradwolf said...

oh yes! It was brilliant stuff from nolan! I hope I get to watch it again...

Coconut Chutney said...

I think Batman is like the best superhero ever. Superman is just a fool in a cape.
Anyone can be super with superpowers, but Batman, he's the dude!
I seriously need to watch this as well, tickets booked till next weekend back home. Stupid satyam not running enough shows.

Gauri Gharpure said...

came here straight from Dharma's blog. very nicely written review here.. The Joker is par excellence.. felt sad to see such a brilliant actor is dead!

this ws my first batman movie (Yes!!) and went so that husband would not bitch about my not being a sport for days to come :)... had surfed the net and done my homework abt this superhero to avoid looking like a fool... The movie, as I saw it, w/o any reference points, is WOW... my husband's jubilant now tht he's got me hooked to batman after successfully introducing me to superman, spiderman and such lot..

Idling in Top Gear said...

Dark Knight is first and foremost a human drama movie. The characters, their thoughts and emotions, were portrayed in a way that would give Lifetime movies a run for their money. Until the reviews came out, I thought Ledger's death was driving the attention. But with excellent reviews coming from every direction, couldn't help but go watch it. All I have to say is that we finally have a Batman who is as he should be - dark, agonized and confused.

Vivek said...

remember when we were little kids and had all of these batman toys! and we pretended to be batman and robin.
oh the good old days....

Neon said...

thanks! and batman is way cooler than the rest of the superheroes

@idling in top gear,

Yep, and Nolan set this movie up beautifully with Batman Begins (I hope you've seen it, it's very good too).


haha, how can i forget! My mom asked me a week ago if I wanted a batman toy from India. Sometimes she forgets that I'm not 4 :)

the Geekie said...

JOker's acting was really astounding

Anonymous said...

I have always liked batman and joker...well the concept of their rivalry and psychology anyways BUT the dark knight is overrated...honestly not many people would have watched the movie in theaters if Heath Ledger didn't's sad really.. the movie was okay but not great.Think about that.

my rating 7/10