Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cleanliness is so over-rated

I did not have any homework today and I got off work sooner than usual. So, I decided to head to Wal-Mart with my room-mates in order to do some food shopping and also get supplies to clean our disgusting bath room.

It felt odd trying to buy supplies for the apartment. The responsible room-mate has gone back home for the summer and so I had to unfortunately take up the mantle. We entered Wal-Mart and immediately started quarrelling about what we should buy first. One wanted to buy vegetables because he wanted to start cooking. Not only was that hogwash (he has never cooked in his life), he also claimed that he wanted to make his own sandwich starting tomorrow. The only problem was that he was searching for lettuce in the cabbage section.

I then asked him to get a pack of toilet paper and he asks me if they have the 'baby soft' kind. At this point, I realized how mature these guys made me seem. I somehow managed to maintain an inspiring calm amidst the chaos (the two guys started arguing about the American army, defense, blah, blah). Before we finished our shopping trip, we bought a mop, disinfectant and scrubbing stuff to clean the disgusting bathroom.

I've never cleaned a bathroom before, and so tonight was a harsh wake up call to adulthood. From now on, I've got to clean toilets, bath tubs, sinks... being an adult isn't as awesome as it's made out to be. The situation in the bathroom was so horrible I had to wear gloves and slippers and then attack it with Clorox and bleach. We also threw in some ammonia in there for good measure and all of a sudden, 'baby soft' starts crying out that the pungent smell of ammonia will kill us all. In high school, I dropped a bottle of ammonia in the Chemistry lab and no one died (I did have to stand outside and think about the mistake I made, though). My other room-mate, meanwhile, did not feel like cleaning the dishes because of the 'possibility' of fungus in the sink.

Right now, the smell of Ammonia is partially compensated by the Febreze that I sprayed with zealous vigour. The apartment smells like a wet towel that has been left out for a day and then dipped in a bowl of ammonia and peach. Ah, the price I have to pay for a clean apartment.

Update: I googled 'inhaling clorox' and found out that it is indeed harmful. I also saw this on Yahoo Answers: "
dont inhale it again i heard of this lady who died because she accidently mixed 2 wrong things together..better safe than sorry"

I slept in the living room last night.


Coconut Chutney said...

good lord! This clorox seems as dangerous as that bio-weapon in dasavatharam. Dump salt in your loo. :D

Chem Lab is precisely the reason why I took commerce. In my 10th std, the teacher made us inhale H2S.
It still gives me nightmares.

neon said...

keeping with the dasavatharam analogy,idhukka ella kaaranam toilet'laerndu vanda tsunami dhaan (the toilet was probly made in 1950).

are you disgusted? my job is done.

Madhuri Shekar said...


I will also have to start cleaning bathrooms from next year. And driving and cooking and all. Not looking forward to it.

Idling in Top Gear said...

Haha - reminds me of my freshman year in college. Took me 2 years to get used to cleaning bathrooms on a regular basis! Desis can be the worst of roommates/tenants when it comes to keeping stuff clean because we're all used to having maids back home. I lived with some international students one year, and we had strict weekly schedules and checklists and because of the regular upkeep, it wasn't really that disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Here is a tip. Never throw a spent toothpaste tube down the bowl. It looks harmeless but can cauze damage worth $390.


P.S. If I recall you play cricket? How's your season coming along?

Neon said...

our season got over a month ago, we finished third in the league...was disappointing, we needed 130 odd in 24 overs to go into the final but we collapsed like an Indian team of the 90s

Okie Dokie said...

Wow! Third is not that bad. How many teams are there in your league? And you season is during the semester?

Our record so far 0-5:(. We have to win 9 straight matched to make it to the playoffs.

neon said...

In the 30 over B division there are 6 teams. We had to win our last 5 games with a bonus point to reach the final and we had 4 out of 4 before our batting collapsed in our last group game. But we are the defending t20 champions so we will be looking to reclaim that trophy in the fall.