Friday, April 25, 2008

Yes, that really is my car

Due to an unforeseen turn of circumstances, I now drive a pretty nice looking car. I have driven a total of 2 times by myself in Chennai and when I got this nice looking car for myself, I had driven probably 10 odd times in the US. It has baffled most that such a new driver gets to drive around such a nice looking car. I make no qualms in accepting that I do not deserve such a beauty. My parents who had been living in Houston for the past year decided to move back to India and since I have a summer internship, I needed a mode of transport. "It was the logical thing to do", I say to the people who roll their eyes when they see me getting into the driver's seat. The fact that I take a bit of time to reverse out of the parking spot in my apartment complex does not seem to help my valiant attempts at showing what an awesome driver I have the potential to be.

One of the biggest disadvantages I face as a driver in a city which I'm not too familiar of, is my direction sense. I lived in Chennai for about 11 years and I did not know the way from my house to most places in the city. I generally tend to sit in a vehicle and then get out once I've been told that I've reached my destination. Now that I'm driving, it's a bit tricky. A friend of mine advised that I get a GPS system. Let me make this clear - getting a GPS system and going to (both completely unrelated) are two things I never plan to do. Getting a GPS system will make me go back to my old habit of not really noticing my surroundings while I'm in a car. Plus more fancy things inside the car makes it more vulnerable for break-ins.

It's also quite surprising to see that I've become more popular ever since I got this nice looking car. The day I got the car, I received a phone call from a guy who I hadn't spoken to in a while.

"Hey Niyantha!"
"How's it going man?"
"It's going goo.."
"So you got the car?"
"Yea, how did you.."
"What are you doing this weekend?"
"I don't know, I might wake up late or something"
"We should do something, you have a car man!"
"We so totally should, it will be pimp"
"Hey I'm getting another call..."
"I don't hear a beep"
"Oh...they replaced the beep system. Will call you a bit"

I wonder if he is still waiting for me to call back...

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Coconut Chutney said...

lol aanalum unakku CAMRY n all over!

btw, whats it with you and that website?