Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm most productive when in front of a computer

Location: Computer Lab in the Flawn Academic Center, UT Austin

1:08 PM: I have two exams tomorrow - Discrete Math (Honors!) and Hindi. I am not a fan of Math and so I have no idea why I am doing a course where making a 54 on 100 is actually pretty decent (Honors courses are evil).

Hindi and I, ah well, we have a long history. I have made the language doubt its existence many a time, but I persevere. It would make sense for me to study now, considering that I have about a hour and a half before my next class. But, for some reason I am not very interested in finding out how many rabbits will reproduce every 2 days (don't fear, this has something to do with the Fibonacci sequence and recurrence relations).

1:23 PM: While studying recurrence relations, I also managed to find out that I am, contrary to popular conception, a normal guy, courtesy a score of 70 on this test.

1:30 PM: I now understand why permutations and combinations are so awesome - You can predict the number of ways in which 3 horses can place in a 3-horse race, with ties allowed! How cool.

1:36 PM: The guy sitting next to me is getting annoyed by the shrill 'e-a-e-a-eee!' noises that the scanner is making. Time to listen to the IPod.

1:45 PM: I'm glad to know that it will take the monks of Hanoi 500 billion years to transfer 64 disks made of gold from one peg to another. The myth is that when they finish this task, the world will end. If that was the case, what was the point of moving the gold then?

1:53 PM: Listening to 'Do dil mil rahe hain' from Pardes. Happens to be the first ever
Hindi song I remember listening to.

2:05 PM: has all episodes of The Daily Show! There is even an episode from 2000 where Jon Stewart talks to Wolf Blitzer, who is seen on a TV, placed on the interview chair. Jon Stewart now has heads talking to him from a huge wide screen. Technology, I say.

2:30 PM: I've got Intro to Research from 5 to 6 today. We are advised by two really awesome (and funny) professors about how to get involved in research. I have absolutely no clue as to what field in CS I want to attempt to do research in. I've got to get started ASAP if I want to graduate in 4 years with an 'Honors' next to my degree. Might take a course in Computer Vision next semester. Sounds really cool.

2:42 PM: Got to head to Hindi class now and take a quiz I'm not sure I'm ready for. Ah well, at least it was a productive hour and 34 minutes.


Coconut Chutney said...

Arre wah neon-ji.

That would be the extent of my hindi.
Bahuth achcha, i know.

vanilla vats said...

ennaku hindi na janaami.
the best i can is
"Ped par bahut anekaani bandaraani santi"
its in sandi.
see my blog. now!