Saturday, December 22, 2007

Things I did in my third semester of college...

I’m done with yet another semester and I can’t help but notice how fast college is going by. I came in to UT when I was 17 and I’m already 19…scary. Anyway, as part of a recurring theme, I’ve made yet another ‘What I did this semester’ list. So presenting the list of things I did in my third semester of college:

  1. Lived in an apartment with 3 other people who were not related to me, for the first time in my life.
  2. Was part of a league championship winning Cricket team.
  3. Overslept and missed my Hindi class three times.
  4. Earned money for the first time in my life. I worked as a mentor for first year students.
  5. Went for 2 weeks without drinking water in my apartment. This was due to the fact that our sink had not been cleaned for two months and to put it shortly, it wasn’t just the four of us in the apartment anymore.
  6. Went for a college football game and loved the experience but never went for another game (It was such a long walk to the stadium).
  7. Went for 10 internship interviews and that meant wearing a tie ten times. I do not trust ties.
  8. Stood for 40 minutes in a line to get free Indian food.
  9. Beat all of my previous records in bowling, including the most number of games that I’ve played at a stretch without throwing a gutter ball – 3.
  10. Went “yes!” right in front of a recruiter after seeing a sms that informed me that India had won the Twenty20 world cup. I was in a career brunch and I was looking for a job. Not the smartest thing to do.
  11. Ate ‘fried rice with vegetables/no egg’ 4 times a week at a restaurant called Thai Noodles House. They’ve stopped giving me the menu now.
  12. Started as the editor-in-chief for a new South Asian on-campus publication called Nazar (check it out, it’s pretty awesome). I dropped that position and became the liaison between the faculty and the publication. I did not enjoy that too much and so I joined the marketing committee. At a point of time, there were two weeks to the end of the semester and our website still wasn’t up. So I took up the job of making the website. Right now, I’m not sure what I really am in the organization.
  13. Went to the gym a total of 0 times. That’s three less than last semester.
  14. Learnt some Hindi which helps me to find out if I’m the one being made fun off by my friends. It’s kind of odd, I’ve found out, when I laugh along and I’m the butt of the joke.
  15. Watched a lot less TV, thanks to the Writer’s Guild of America strike.
  16. Spent two hours searching for a book in the University library for my sister, on my birthday. I realized that the library can be a confusing place – especially when you’re looking for one book out of like 6 million. I actually slept for about ten minutes in between. It was the last day, there was no one around and a book can serve as a good pillow.
  17. Went to Oklahoma for an interview. It was really cool travelling alone and on the way back I got to sit in Business class. It felt kinda awesome sitting next to people working on their blackberrys and laptops, while I was wondering when the air hostess would bring the peanuts.
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Manasi Subramaniam said...

Why on EARTH did you go for Hindi class in Houston?

Manasi Subramaniam said...

Oh wait, I meant Austin.

Neon said...

I needed to do a foreign language course and so I took Hindi. It was a really good class, I learned a lot.

Anonymous said...

haiyya jolly, i've been mentioned in your blog!

Its an indirect mention, but a haiyya-ly jollyfied moment nonetheless.