Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I like to reminisce

It's pretty weird spending my holidays cooped up in the house. There is nothing to do and I don't have a car to go to the places where I can do something. After years of running outside to play cricket under the sun, sitting around watching TV and lazing around is incredibly boring. This is the time of the India - Australia Test series as well and whenever India toured Australia, I used to wake up at 5:30 am to catch the action. The fact that I always fell asleep one hour into the Cricket surprised only me.

Yes, I'm reminiscing again. It is really hard not to when there are so many things that affect you in a special way and you're suddenly away from it all. Watching India touring Australia was just one of those things. Last week, I ordered Maaza at an Indian restaurant and one sip of the only safe (I hope) drink of its parent company took me back to my middle school days, when our school's idea of a field trip or excursion was taking us to the Coco Cola factory. It was so not fun. The only consolation were the free warm maaza drinks that all of us would get at the end of the 'field trip'.

I have to start figuring out how to spend my time usefully. I'm watching tons of movies, playing games on the PS2, and finding new, good music to listen to. But I want to do something that will actually make me feel excited and refreshed.

I guess I could go to the gym...haha, sometimes I say the stupidest things.


Anonymous said...

hey sorry for what i wrote..
my bad...

Neon said...

lol, don't worry about it

Anonymous said...

what do you reminisce about actually?

details, please.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know you reminisce about cricket and middle school blah blooie, but c'mon, you're more interesting than that.

I think.