Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best of 2007

I haven’t read enough books, nor have I seen enough movies to come up with a top 10 list for 2007 and so I’ve decided to come up with a Best of 2007 list that lists the books, movies, music and moments that defined 2007 for me.

The Best of 2007 (in no specific order):

  1. Chak De India – It was great to see such a well edited, sharp movie that appealed even though it had an obvious ending. The casting was very good and it was nice to see Shahrukh Khan actually act.

  2. India winning the World Twenty20 Championship – After a shocking early exit from the pathetic Caribbean World Cup, no one gave the young, inexperienced Indian Cricket team a chance to compete strongly in the Twenty20 format. Not only was the Twenty20 World Cup organized splendidly, the Indian Cricket team seemed to suddenly play the game purely for the love of it. It was wonderful to finally see an Indian team that enjoyed itself on the field without getting buried under insane performance pressures.

  3. The Kite Runner – One of the better books I have read in a long time. Khaled Hosseini’s novel was touching and sad, and I was completely immersed. A great tale that is a must read.

  4. Mozhi and the song Katrin Mozhiye from that movie – Prakash Raj has a knack for making these feel good movies that stand out for their story. I loved how the storyline of the deaf and dumb character played by Jyothika was handled in a sensitive manner and how there was always a joke coming up to lighten up the mood. Very mature acting from Prithviraj and Jyothika and they were ably supported by Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya. The song ‘Katrin Mozhiye’ is my Tamil song of the year, simply for the quality of the lyrics.

  5. The Asia Cup triumph by the Indian Hockey team – The Indian Hockey team took the Asia Cup with a rampaging 7-2 victory over South Korea. A quick reminder that Cricket is not the only sport in India worth following.

  6. Taare Zameen Par – One of my favourite scenes in this movie is one where the protogonist, Ishaan (played by Darsheel Safary who turned in the year’s most inspired performance) finds out from his smug classmate that he is going to be in big trouble for not doing his homework. It took me back to my own days in primary school when subtraction was my biggest enemy and social studies was God’s way of punishing me for not eating my vegetables. The fear of the teacher’s ruler hitting my knuckles motivating me to do my homework, the wild day-dreams, running out at 4 in the evening to play with my friends – the memories all came rushing back when I saw this movie. Taare Zameen Par was my favourite movie of the year for the message that it conveyed and the beautiful way in which Amole Gupte and Aamir Khan showed us that you don’t need to score 95% in Math or Science to be special.

  7. The song 'Maa from Taare Zameen Par – It is impossible to not go teary eyed when hearing this song. It remains the only Hindi song I have truly understood.

  8. The scene from ‘I am Legend’ where Dr. Robert Neville (played by Will Smith) pleads with a mannequin in a video store to talk back to him. I was not a fan of ‘I am Legend’ at the end of the film, but that scene reminded why I even wanted to go see the movie – Will Smith.

  9. “I’m sorry. What was the question?” – Pam (Jenna Fischer) in the finale of the third season of The Office.


Manasi Subramaniam said...

What about the wonderful time we had doing lights and sound? Isn't that one of the best?

Neon said...

This is a list of stuff that most people have heard about manasi said...


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Coconut Chutney said...

You missed something.

10. Niyantha's KD-ness.
Niyantha's shady KD deeds during his summer.
Very shady, very KD, very 2007.