Friday, June 22, 2007

Ta ra rum pum?

It has been one month into my holidays and I have 50 more days left to have unbridled fun in Chennai. I am bored, terribly bored. Unlike me, most of my friends are already back at college and to make things worse, the two electronic devices that I thought that I could not live without, my laptop and my cell phone, decided to stop working at the same time. The laptop, I can bring back to life if I buy a new multi-plug converter but the cell phone, well it’s been on its death bed for the past 1 year.

I loved that phone, it was an NGage QD which had lost all its shine within a couple of weeks and its outer rubber grip was hanging precariously within a month. Still, I had saved more than 300 jokes on it and all of it is lost now. Apart from the frequent pangs of sadness that strike me whenever I look at my lifeless NGage, I haven't really missed having a cell phone. Aamir Khan in a recent interview said something about how giving up his cell phone had given him mental peace and stuff. I think I'm going to try living without a cell phone and see what this mental peace is all about. No more worrying about what ring tone to choose, when I should start deleting messages so that my phone won't crash, whether I missed any calls when I was in the shower, whether my phone is in silent mode when I'm in the, a cell phone can be a burden.

In a blog post last year, I mentioned a few things that I wanted to accomplish like learning Hindi and figuring out how to drive a car. A year later I am working towards accomplishing these two tasks. I am going for spoken Hindi classes and as a result, I am getting better at understanding my friends from college when they insult me. Also, I started driving classes yesterday. Getting my LLR was difficult enough - I went to get my documents signed at the RTO (Regional Transport Office) and I was sent back because I was wearing shorts. Yes, it is heartening to find out that the government officials consider wearing shorts a bigger offense than blindly giving licenses to morons who drive like they own the road.

Well anyway, I started driving yesterday and it was my first time behind the wheel. I had never driven a vehicle with gears before and by the time I had understood what the clutch was for, I was on the main road driving a rickety old Maruti 800 whose seats have probably never been washed in the 15 years the car has been in existence. It was unnerving, with buses going past and autos cutting in front. I drove all the way from Saligramam to Kodambakkam and that was the end of my first class. I gave the door two thumps to let myself out and sat in the back seat to watch another newbie try to make sense of Chennai's roads.

I know I am probably not qualified to judge, but I feel I drove better than the other guy. I mean it’s all about trusting your skills as a driver and I remember making quite an impression on a lady who was trying to cross the road while I was driving. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying but I think it was something like 'veetila solittu vandhiyaa?' Yes I did, my parents are very proud.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

lemonade said...

OMG! i know exactly what u mean..i finished 12 classes and in every class i feel my confidence growing because the idiots who drive after me,still haven't learnt anything in 12 classes..! I know that thats my over confidence speaking,but still..

And the cell phone peace..believe me..its wonderful..i switch off my phone for days at a time, because i gets so pissing off after awhile..

Neon said...

@all blog spots,

thanks :)


5 days without a cell phone...and still counting!

Roohi said...


Been following your blog for a while now. Think you're brilliant! Been extremely unsure of saying anything until now but just HAD to say this- I THINK YOU'LL BE AN EXCELLENT DRIVER Neon! You have just the right spirit. I wish you well!
Oh! And i hope you're enjoying spoken hindi too!
- Roohi

Neon said...


Wow, thanks :D


I think so too :)

Roohi said...

Ah! The elixir that is confidence! :-D
I know it's the only thing that helps- and this is from person who's had major accident and all......There is no gr8er feeling than being able to have all that control!
Enuf said I think!
All the best. Drive safe-this I must say.

Manasi Subramaniam said...

Hahahah. I remember when that happened to me. The rickety old Maruti 800 and the feeling of pride, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Haiye. I am liking your blog. I am very much able to feel all youre feelings. Except, I have not taken driving class, and i am not liking ingnoring cell phone. But yes, I am liking your style of righting.
Good luck.
Ok, bye.

Ridhi said...

Where were you taking those spoken Hindi classes may I know? I'm interested in joining classes myself

Neon said...

i took the hindi classes with a person called Susheela Rajan in Saligramam. Her phone number is 24790930

Lavanya said...

You had fun wonly.
Chumma dont vittufy.