Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sivaji Movie Review

I thought that I would have to wait for 3-4 weeks before I could get a ticket to watch Sivaji but luckily, my cousin had an extra ticket and I jumped at the opportunity. I watched the movie at Mayajaal, not the ideal place to enjoy a Rajinikanth flick but the mood in the hall was electric for Mayajaal's standards.

So the premise of the movie is this - Rajinikanth is a Software Systems Architect from America who comes back to India with a ton of money with the aim of building a hospital and a college to serve the needy. He soon figures out he can't accomplish much without bribing every single official who needs to sign his documents. He also figures out that with the crores of black money that is hidden in the country, he can help the poor get access to good education and health care. The movie is basically about how he goes about doing this and the obstacles he faces. As he says in the movie, "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer".

Sivaji is truly an out and out commercial film relying on Rajini's appeal and charisma to deliver a social message. This is yet another Shankar movie where the protagonist takes the law into his own hands to do good to his fellowmen. It is a long movie, running for 3 and a quarter hours, with lots of songs, fight sequences, punch dialogues and comedy sequences befitting a Rajinikanth film. Shriya, the heroine of this film, impresses. Unlike other non-Tamilian actresses, her lips and her voice sync, she actually acts and she sizzles in all the songs. Vivek is there to provide comic relief and he does a good job. He has a pretty meaty role (he is Rajini's mama) and this movie is sure to help him revive his acting career which seemed to be taking a downward turn. AR Rahman's background score is pretty good and there is a special appearance by the now much much thinner Nayantara in the Sooriyanum Santhiranum song. The art direction in this movie is awesome and the sets are amazing especially in the song 'Vaaji Vaaji'.

This is a Rajinikanth film and Shankar pulls out all the stops to make it look as grand as possible. You will need to suspend belief and forget about logic if you want to enjoy this movie. Sivaji is meant to entertain and if that means Rajini beating up 30 goondas single handedly, then you better whistle and clap because otherwise you're not going to enjoy the film.

My Verdict: Impossible to rate a Rajinikanth movie.


lemonade said...

it was COOL..! get it..?? lol

Niyantha said...

yea lol, after the cpr when he goes 'COOL', i just couldnt help laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing

Ram said...

Yow! From when are you asking ppl to digg your blog ? Dood! Seriously.

Niyantha said...

Whats wrong with having digg on my blog?

Immigrant said...

Sivaji is not worth the hype.

Varsha said...

totally agree
Sivaji is the BOSS!

'Kanna panningadhan kootama varum
Singam single a dhan varum!'

Punch Dialogue