Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things I did in my second semester of college

1. Took up squash for a week.

2. Saw Francis Ford Coppola(!).

3. Spoke on live radio.

4. Walked 20 blocks on a Sunday morning because the Austin marathon had blocked all bus routes.

5. Took part in UT's first flash mob.

6. Went water skiing but never managed to get the skiis on.

7. Lost my room key, and then almost lost the new room key three other times.

8. Tried catching snow in my hand but got hit by a hail stone instead.

9. Took a wicket with my second ball in the Central Texas Cricket League.

10. In the next game, I was tonked for 19 runs in my only over (In my defense, I need one over to settle down).

11. Went to the gym a total of three times (three more than last semester).

12. Skipped two of my classes to watch India lose to Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup.

13. Tripped on the stairs while holding pool equipment (it's not fun nor is it funny).

14. Almost puked while cleaning out the trash in my room.

15. Saw each episode of The Office atleast 6 times.

16. Was chased by a group of angry students at 4am. My drunk friends said some things that might have instigated the anger...

17. Bought an awesome bicycle.

18. Lost an awesome bicycle.

19. Thought that I had found my lost bicycle and called the Police only to later find out that the bicycle in question was not mine.

20. Decided to move off campus next semester.I then found out that all my friends were staying on campus and so I paid the on campus housing deposit. Then I got to know that most of them were moving out. So I decided to move off campus. Couldn't find a good place to live off campus and so decided to make use of that housing deposit and stay on campus. Then somehow found a good enough apartment and signed a lease for an apartment a few blocks away from campus. In the end, I got what I wanted.


Manasi Subramaniam said...

are you back are you back are you back?

hamsini said...

Wow!:) Very character building,especially being chased by an angry mob, no?

Niyantha said...

yes i am back

being chased by a mob of angry people, i dunno if it was character building but it definitely was good exercise

Adara said...

Hahaha angry mobs are no fun... =)
our guy friend was out with us girls after a night of clubbin' and these drunk guys kept calling him gay...

We were like wow-just because they have to hang out with each other...

I <3 your blogs!