Sunday, April 22, 2007

Honors day :(

A couple of weeks ago, the College of Natural Sciences (of which I am a student of) in the University of Texas had its Honors day celebration where it honored students who had done well academically. Now, the Associate Dean of the College had accidentally sent out an email to every student in the College of Natural Sciences saying that they had the academic qualifications to take part in the event. All the students who had made the cut would have their name called out and would receive a fancy medallion to commemorate their achievement. Soon afterwards he sent out an email informing the students about the mistake. I had done well in my first semester academically and I thought that I was invited for the event. So I asked a couple other friends of mine (who had made 4.0 GPAs in their first semester) if they were coming to the event too. They had failed to notice the content of the second email that the associate Dean had sent out and they were more than happy to come.

So on the day of the event, a Saturday, I woke up at 7:30 am to iron my formal shirt and pant. Remember, this is a Saturday and it is the only day when I can sleep through the first 12 hours without feeling any iota of guilt when I wake up. So I wake up at 7:30 and I make sure that I am dressed properly and my hair isn't going off in weird tangents. I meet my other two finely dressed friends and we make our way towards the location of the Honors day event, feeling quite proud of ourselves. We enter the nicely decorated venue and tell the lady in charge that we didn't register for the event but we would still like to take part in it. So, the lady in charge lets us go in and we see this lavishly decorated auditorium with free food towards the left hand side of the entrance. So, as we perpetually hungry freshmen do, we went straight towards the free food. There were appetizers whose names we couldn't pronounce and it still didn't strike us that we might be crashing an event that was meant for those who had probably been in the college for a longer time than we had.

We took the free food and sat amongst proud parents and their slightly embarrassed children. One of us wondered out loud why the lady in charge hadn't checked to see if we were deserving of the honor. I said, "Trust?" and the other guy goes, "Yea, that's how the country runs." We nod our heads in agreement and gulp down the fancy cheese on a stick and the blueberry croissant. The Associate Dean then comes on to the stage and tells everyone that in 10 minutes all the honorees would be taken out of the room and placed in their right groups. Right now, I decide to look at the brochure that I had been holding for the past hour without opening. I go through the criteria to be an honoree and my jaw drops.

"I don't think we are supposed to be here", I tell my friends in a frantic whisper. They don’t seem as thrilled any more. I make them read through the brochure and we all come to the agreement that we have crashed an Honors day celebration that we were never even close to being invited to. So we hurry out of the auditorium as quickly as we can so that no one we know sees us.

We walk back towards our dorm, all prim in our formals, dejected and embarrassed. Just when we thought we had wasted our Saturday morning, one of my friends quips, "At least we got free food." Amen to that.


Madhuri said...

Heeheehee. Awesome. I'm very proud. Cheese on a stick and all! Free food is always worth it.

I will one day tell you about the time my friend Anusha and I crashed a buffet at the Taj Coromandel and ran off after eating fudge brownies. They were yum.

Gaya said...

Ouch >.< But yes, yay for free food :D

sims said...