Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bored and sleepless at 1am

It is almost 1am here in Austin and I am sitting on my bed, in the dark, wondering how tomorrow (or rather today) will be any different. I've settled into a routine lifestyle (as mentioned in a previous post) and I don't find anything that motivates me to not click the snooze button on my cell phone in the morning. I guess a lot of people feel that way, I mean who does not want to sleep more? But I am looking to make each day in college seem different. Last week I took part in UT's first ever flash mob (it was weird, yet unbelievably fun) and I'm also involved in the creation of a South Asian fortnightly here on campus. I did not do anything but study last semester and so I want this semester to be more memorable.

For April Fools day, I tried tricking the residents on my floor by putting up a sign saying that there was free food in the study lounge but I doubt anyone really fell for it. Still, it was something that defined my day. It would be great if I can do something new or infinitely weird every day and I guess that will be my very late New Years resolution. My original resolution for the year was to go to at least one party every week due to my absence from all of them last semester. I managed to keep up the resolution for the first 10-12 weeks but now it’s just become routine, and tiring. Plus it’s boring to watch everyone around you getting drunk and doing stupid stuff. I mean it’s funny initially when they think that they are under control but after a while it’s just annoying.

It's 1:11am now and I don't feel sleepy. Have to get some sleep though if I hope to make tomorrow (or today, if you wanna nitpick) eventful. So good night and don't let those bed bugs (do they really exist?) bite...


Gaya said...

Dump superglue on people's heads and then shove them into a room full of jhatang pink feathers. It does everybody goot. :) G'luck for finals!

Niyantha said...


Hmmmm, i could face nasty consequences if i did that...sounds interesting though.

G'luck on your finals too!

Adara said...

my room had bed bugs...ew.
they sucked. I had to disinfect the mattress.... (I just moved into the rm this semester)

Yeah, watching people get drunk and be retarded is only interesting once in a while.

=) Have an awesome weekend!