Friday, February 16, 2007

Q: Is India part of the Asian or South Asian Subcontinent? Ans: Does it matter?

I'm back to the normal routine of college life (sleep late, let the alarm clock go into snooze mode, wake up 10 minutes before class, eat cornflakes that are a month beyond their expiration date, spray deodorant all over yourself and run to class in the clothes you were wearing when you went to bed) and thankfully I am finding this semester to be much less tiring and strenuous than the previous one. I think, nay, I know that the reason for this is the absence of killer Engineering Physics in my life. Why a Computer Science major needs to know advanced physics baffles me. We program microwave ovens, not construct them.

Anyway, I've taken Intro to India as an elective this semester and if you're not in college, you're not supposed to comment (unfavourably) on me taking a course in which I should probably make an A without going to class. People in college will be able relate to my reason for taking this class- I wanted an easy A (for once!). When you're in college, you just need that blow off class that you don't need to worry about. Unfortunately all the dates and facts of Indian History that I mugged up when I was in school aren't helping me with this course and I am spending more time studying for this than I was hoping to. The articles that I have to read are better than Cetzine in putting you to sleep and the videos shown in class are a big yawn. On the syllabus it said that we were going to watch Sholay, DDLJ and the like but we've been watching boring rituals and low grade documentaries. To top things off, I didn’t really make a confidence inducing score on my first midterm. That was disappointing because I made mistakes I wouldn’t have made if I was smarter.

Another long week has come to an end and before I realize it the weekend will be over and the above mentioned routine will start again. My weekend routine, however, involves me taking a nap right now and that is what I intend to do.


dharmabum said...

ha ha

physics isn't merely about constructing ovens or some such thing, dude. it teaches us the art of 'wonder' :) and it pervades just about every other field, why, every possible thing u can think of - including comp science. oh, and if u're thinking comp science is all about programming chips, i think maybe u shud also talk to some of the industry guys and get a more real picture.

i am really glad u took that intro to india course though - i've always felt we know nothing about ourselves. it was horrible when i had this american friend visiting me - he seemed to know more about india than i did :(

good luck - am sure u'll do well.

Neon said...


This post was from a person who is unbelievably inept in physics and will do anything to never work out a physics problem again. I agree Physics is present in every field possible but I fail to understand why I need to do 'killer' engineering physics when I'm not even an engineer. I would love to be good in Physics because I think it is a subject which you already know in some sense just by observing stuff around you. Unfortunately, physics is just not my forte. This post was just a rant by a guy who feels infinite joy cos he is not doing killer physics this semester :)

Juggernought said...

You know what this reminds me of?

Hermione taking Muggle studies just because "it'll be fascinating studying it from a wizard's perspective."

DDLJ!wow!:DIs Veerasamy part of your course to??:D

Neon said...

Haha exactly!

Veerasamy part of your course to??:D

I wish!

Madhuri said...

Come home soon. I'm bored!

Samira said...


you've inspired me to restart my blog...keep up the good work!

Neon said...

Haha, blog away

yeah, like you dont know who this is. said...

come back home neon, i miss you.