Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things I did in my first semester of college...

1. Dropped the first class that I took.

2. Went to the University Health Services everyday for two and a half weeks thanks to a staff infection.

3. Stayed in my room and missed lunch because I thought that I lost my key. I found it inside my wallet later that day.

4. Spilt Corn Flakes and milk on my bed a total of 6 times.

5. Cut my lip with a Gillette Mach 3. It hurt.

6. Bought pop-corn at the movies before finding out how much it cost. My wallet became lighter by $5.

7. Bought Maxim magazine (it was for a Sociology paper) at a really posh book store. I loitered around looking to buy another book so that I wouldn't look like a perv, but couldn't find any that would fit under my budget.

8. Woke up at 2:45 am to watch India play Australia in the Champions trophy.

9. Bombed my first ever exam in college.

10. Dropped a 1000 page Math book on my foot.

11. Walked in sub-zero degree (in Celsius, of course) temperature for the first time in my life.

12. Ate the same sandwich (wheat bread with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber) so many times that I just had to turn up at the sandwich line to get what I wanted. I didn't even have to say 'the usual'. I really wanted to though.

13. Completed my one year anniversary of not having used a comb to comb my hair.

14. Ran in my slippers to catch a bus to the airport (reached the bus stand in record time, I might add). Bus arrived 15 minutes after I did.

15. Got into a club when I was still 17. I attribute this accomplishment to my charm and charisma...others might attribute it to the bouncer's stupidity.


Juggernought said...


You forgot (16)Turned 18!

And that's not fair, I've studied sociology for one and a half years, and have never read a porn magazine(for a course) to date!

And what class did you drop?I'm guessing it's physics.

I personally loved point no.12.

I cannot get over point 13!!Only guys can pull this off.

svblj said...

since when hav u been using mach 3 ..... really hilarious ...anyways when r u comin to india ???

Niyantha said...

I actually dropped my CS class. Took a less advanced one after dropping tht. I didnt drop Physics, managed to stick with it for the entire semester! And about point 13, only some guys can pull that off :)

Niyantha said...

I've been using Mach 3 for quite some time, like 5 months...coming to chennai only in the summer

Ramanujam said...

Too funny man....
BTW what has maxim got to do with sociology....jus for curiosity sake!
14 was hilarious and

Neon said...

Well we needed to use an advertisement that shows women in a provocative or seductive manner for that sociology assignment

Ghost Particle said...


Neon said...

Happy new year to u too

Anonymous said...

hey wat hppnd to ur traditional chapathi and sambhar???

Niyantha said...

N/A at the cafeteria :)