Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things I did in my first semester of college...

1. Dropped the first class that I took.

2. Went to the University Health Services everyday for two and a half weeks thanks to a staff infection.

3. Stayed in my room and missed lunch because I thought that I lost my key. I found it inside my wallet later that day.

4. Spilt Corn Flakes and milk on my bed a total of 6 times.

5. Cut my lip with a Gillette Mach 3. It hurt.

6. Bought pop-corn at the movies before finding out how much it cost. My wallet became lighter by $5.

7. Bought Maxim magazine (it was for a Sociology paper) at a really posh book store. I loitered around looking to buy another book so that I wouldn't look like a perv, but couldn't find any that would fit under my budget.

8. Woke up at 2:45 am to watch India play Australia in the Champions trophy.

9. Bombed my first ever exam in college.

10. Dropped a 1000 page Math book on my foot.

11. Walked in sub-zero degree (in Celsius, of course) temperature for the first time in my life.

12. Ate the same sandwich (wheat bread with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber) so many times that I just had to turn up at the sandwich line to get what I wanted. I didn't even have to say 'the usual'. I really wanted to though.

13. Completed my one year anniversary of not having used a comb to comb my hair.

14. Ran in my slippers to catch a bus to the airport (reached the bus stand in record time, I might add). Bus arrived 15 minutes after I did.

15. Got into a club when I was still 17. I attribute this accomplishment to my charm and charisma...others might attribute it to the bouncer's stupidity.