Thursday, November 23, 2006

A coconut should have fallen on Newton's head...

Finally, a break from college! Although it is only a four day break with Physics and Math homework due at the end of it, it is a well needed break for me. I hardly have time to do 'fun' things, let alone necessary things like getting a hair-cut. I know it seems like I hate college, but I don’t. I just hate the Physics course here, my tormentor in chief.

I have no shame in accepting that I do not have a natural aptitude for Physics. I never went for IIT coaching nor did I study Physics for fun. In school, I learnt how to derive Bernoulli's equation, the conservation of linear momentum, Einstein's mass-energy relation and hundred other equations. I come here and I realise that such knowledge is fruitless when you don't know how to solve problems based on those concepts and theories. A friend here commented, "Dude, it's like you know how to stitch clothes but not how to wear it. Ha ha" What other metaphors are people gonna come up with about my Physics skills??

My Math professor, Dr. Goddard is an interesting character. He went to MIT for his undergraduate studies and then to the University of Nebraska for grad school (Generally, it's the other way around). I enjoy his class not because of the Math (he isn't a great teacher) but because of his anecdotes and quotes. For example, "I took French for some time in college, but then I dropped it because I sprained my tongue." Well anyway, we had a Math test yesterday and since it was the day before Thanksgiving, the students wanted to go home early on Wednesday. He had kept the test from 1-2 PM and people were pissed. Arguments in class only led him to mock us, "Go get a waaaamburger and French cries". He is kinda sadistic. The test had 6 questions and it seemed pretty straightforward. The sixth question though was a Goddard special. "Draw a turkey." I think I got that one right.

P.S: What is the similarity between people who don’t drink alcohol and people who drink tea with artificial sweeteners?

They are both teetotalers (tea-total-ers).


Anonymous said...

Dood a post after a reaaaaal long time! U gotta be kiddin me... u aren't that busy are u?

Anonymous said...

ur math prof is sadistic or sarcastic????
i don't get the would be great to study under such freaky ppl....Draw a turkey?!?!?
Good to see u blogging again:)

Vishal said...

draw a turkeY?? LOL.. happy thanksgivin and all that..

Anonymous said...

I love the clothes analogy,precisely the problem with the sad excuse for an education system we have here.=D

And HOW is sociology going?

Hamsini here,btw/

Neon said...

Yea, I am reaally busy. Seriously.

I think he is a bit of both, lol. I do actually like studying under him, its just the rest of the class that hates him.

Neon said...

haha, happy thanksgiving to u too

Sociology is going great! I really like the class, very interesting. We get to watch a lot of videos. The other day we were asked to analyse female gender sterotypes in Disney movies, lol.

Vishal said...


Neon said...

yea, thats what im talking about!

sthupit girl said...

Landed up here from vishal's blog. Awesome stuff. Your draw-a-turkey teacher reminds me of a bio teacher of mine in school, who wanted a student to call his mother-in-law and father-in-law cuz he'd misbehaved.

Life wouldn't be the same without these people.

Happy thanksgiving.

Yours forever sthupitly.

P.S: I hope you don't mind my dropping by!

Neon said...

why would i mind u dropping by? and happy thanksgiving to u too