Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pics from my first week at UT

I finally uploaded my first set of pics. So here they are, enjoy.

My second day at UT... Can't understand why I'm being photographed

My side of the room, at its messiest best

My room-mate's side of the room...

My closet space. Yes, I don't know how to iron my clothes. It is a skill that I am unable to master, however hard I try. I have this tendency to place the iron on my lap (accidentally, of course) instead of on the shirt and this kind of stings.

Gregory Gym: It is opposite my dorm (20 steps away) but I've been there only once so far. Definitely something that I'm not proud of. Plan to do more gymming, Muscle Mechanic training shall not go to waste!

The famous tower at the University of Texas. It is so beautiful. A bell in the tower rings every fifteen minutes. You can ask the guy at the tower to play specific songs. For my birthday, I plan to have 'Vaadiyamma Jakkamma' played.

The Robert Lee Moore Engineering building: Generally agreed to be the ugliest building on campus. The elevator does not go to the 6th, 7th and 8th floors. So I need to use the escalators, and sometimes they are switched off to conserve electricity. It really is the ugliest building on campus.

CRICKET!!! The picture above was taken during our first league game. We beat a bunch of mamas convincingly in our first ever match in the Central Texas Cricket League.

Gone To Texas: The freshman welcome event at UT. It was absolutely brilliant. There was this one moment when the whole college shouted 'Texas Fight!' ( the UT Football slogan) and at that moment, I knew that I was in the right place .


Antarius said...

Nice... thr famous bell tower... famous in all sorts of ways. Play some cheesy hindi/tamil song... also was the site of the the UT sniping incident (wikipedia it)

The gym is a nice looking building... tho

Anonymous said...

cool pics man ...

hamsini said...

For my birthday, I plan to have 'Vaadiyamma Jakkamma' played.


Gaya said...

Niice! And heh, if you call your side of the room a mess, god knows what you'd call the pigsty I call my room.

Aditya said...

Nice! Keep it up and keep blogging!

Arun Pillai said...

Good job of posting all here .
Wishing you a tough schedule there ;)

Aashirwad said...


*runs and looks up the number of "Study in Texas"*

Lavanya said...

Your haircut is all dorky.
Oh and i have spesul rekosht, on my birthday i want varanpaaru varanpaaru veerasamy song.

please ya.