Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The grey box dictates my life

Well, it has been some time since I last blogged. The reason for this is not because I forgot about the existence of or because I had seemingly better things to do. It was because I had to complete one homework after another and study for one test after another. I did want to blog, as the picture of my desktop screen shown below verifies. I really did want to but as the grey box in the picture shows, I hardly have any time for non-academic things.

Click to enlarge

Life here as a college student isn't easy. When I left from India, many people told me that my first year should be a breeze. Their reason for that conclusion, "You're Indian da". Unfortunately, I am struggling to keep up with the course material being covered. I never learnt how to identify the different kind of discontinuities or figure out the value of epsilon when delta is greater than (x-a), in high school. In college, a couple of problems are worked out on the board and the remaining problems have to be studied by the student with the resources that he has, namely, a giant $150 book which is definitely not worth its weight in gold. The same holds through for Physics. My professor does half of the problem on the board and asks the students to complete the problem. That does not work for me because I don't even understand how he did the first half of the problem. Sociology is interesting but the book that I have to read is a drag. I should actually be reading that but I'm afraid that it would put me to sleep. Just thinking about it makes me yawn.

I haven't uploaded my pics yet and I shall put them up here as soon as I upload them. I’ve got to get back to my books now. A long and tiring week lies ahead :-(

P.S: A piece of advice- Alcohol and Math don't mix. Don't drink and derive! (Saw it on someone's t-shirt).

Friday, September 01, 2006

A post from the pavement

Right now, I am sitting on the pavement with my laptop, in front of the bus that I am supposed to take to Houston from the University here at Austin. I had a Physics class from 3 pm to 3.50 pm and my bus was supposed to leave at 4. So, I speed walked with two backpacks and a plastic bag filled with three books each weighing a ton, probably compensating for the fact that buying them made my wallet light, towards my bus hoping that I would reach the bus stand in time. I reached the bus at 3:58 only to find out that no one had gotten into the bus yet. There was some kind of engine trouble and the problem still hasn't been resolved. You might wonder how I am typing this while sitting on a pavement. The University allows me to use wireless while sitting on a pavement in front of a broken bus! That's how awesome this place is!

I'm having a lot of fun here. Just yesterday I had pizza, cake, ice cream, coke, a salad and some kind of pie for a total of $3.30(inclusive of tax). It hasn't all been awesome though. It is kind of tough getting vegetarian food here. I haven't seen a single veggie burger yet. The heat here in unbelievable too. There is no humidity and I HATE dry heat. That is why Chennai is the best city to live in. If I walk one kilometer, I will have my sweaty shirt to prove that I did do some sort of exercise. Here I walk around 5 kilometers and I don't sweat at all. I just become more and more tanned.

Hmmm, a towing vehicle has just reached the site. The bus is being lifted up. This does not bode well for me. My laptop is getting fried in the heat too. So, that’s it for this post. I'm getting a feeling that sitting on the pavement is not a done thing here. GTG!