Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lights, Sound, Action!

I've been riding my boredom wave pretty well ever since the world cup got over. I've been busy helping out as crew for the play, "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp"(It’s the third time that I'm involved in a play named Aladdin). This time, I've got the incredibly demanding and difficult job of handling the sound system. Yes, many of you may shirk at the thought of doing what I am doing but I don't call myself bold for nothing. The task of handling sound involves me pressing the play and pause buttons with utmost precision while keeping a finger on the fancy gadget which I think is called a mixer.

Anyway, today was the first show and the audience consisted of 4th standard children who were accompanied by their teachers. It was like a school excursion for them and I suddenly had memories of me and my 4th standard classmates going to the Coca-Coal factory for our school excursion(Back then Coca-Cola was still used as a beverage. Its use as a disinfectant has been a recent discovery).

As soon as the kids entered the auditorium, there were the customary shouts of "Sit quietly" and of course the most famous sentence in a teacher’s vocabulary, "I WANT PIN-DROP SILENCE!!". I never understood what pin-drop silence meant when I was a 4th standard student. I only knew that it was a teacher’s fancy way of saying 'Shut Up'. But to be fair, I didn't know a lot of stuff back then and I can only feel proud of myself for having reached a stage in my life where I have been entrusted with the job of handling a cd player.

Since the crowd was full of kids with the mental capacity of the current US president, a lot of the jokes flew past their heads. They however seemed to enjoy dialogues which had the words 'fools' and 'foolish' in them. The kids also laughed a lot when the villain fell down on stage. I still don't get how someone falling on their fours and then rolling on the floor can make you laugh. Sadistic kids, I say. At the end of the show, the kids were so spent that they forgot to clap for me. Ha never mind. The kids these days, they do the darnest things.

P.S: If you want to catch me doing magic with the sound system, there are shows today, tomorrow and the day after at 7:30 pm in Alliance Francaise. Tickets will most likely be available at the venue unless of course they are sold out. In case the tickets are sold out, you can always slip me a hundred and watch the show hiding behind my chair. Now that would be fun.


hamsini said...

"Since the crowd was full of kids with the mental capacity of the current US president"

Like,hello,fourth graders are waaaaaay smarter than Bush,these days!!

And I will be there tomorrow.Have promised to hoot and holler and in the process embarass AlKutty.

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Anonymous said...

glad ur on the team! :D

Aashirwad said...

Read this.

Manasi Subramaniam said...

NPS! You haven't mentioned me at all! :-( After the special relationship we shared!

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