Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why I haven't posted for the last 20 days...

I've been travelling. Last week I went to Coimbatore to meet my cousins and I realised that I can never get enough of falling into dirty water when I went to Black Thunder with them. The water slides were pretty neat but the 'dry' rides were kinda sucky. The only thing worth going on was that ship thingy where the ship goes up and down until you vomit your lunch on the bald guy sitting in front of you. I found eating a bit tough too with my dentist tightening up my braces the day before I left to Coimbatore. So I had to eat at the only place at Black Thunder that offered rice. It was a yucky mess where food is dropped on your plate with a resounding plop. It was similar to the movies where prisoners walk in a line, get some white goo dropped on their plates and then throw it away in protest. Well it wasn't that bad for me and also I wasn't in the mood for protesting. The next day I found out why my friends were so crazy about this game called Counter Strike. I fared pretty poorly (this 10 year old kid was killing me with his fancy gun at will) but it was exciting none the less. Also I wasn't paying, so that contributed a lot to the fun factor.

Next week I went to Hyderabad, famous for the Charminar, Golconda Fort and its IMAX Theater. It wasn't much of a sight-seeing trip but more of a relatives meeting trip. I learnt a little Hindi from my multilingual cousin. She was kind of miffed at me because I kept interrupting her while she watching the Disney Channel. Oh, I forgot to mention, she was about 5 years old. She knows Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and English. Makes me feel kind of, hmmm, non-multi-lingual. Whatever, I'm taller than her. So take that, all you multiple language speaking prodigies. The next day I went to Secunderabad, where a baby quite rudely urinated on my pants. I don't care if a 1 month old baby can't walk to the toilet, that was wrong! Anyway I had lunch in my wet pants at this restaurant famous for its distinguished guests. Sachin Tendulkar, Harsha bhogle, VVS Laxman and more recently Niyantha Shekar being their star visitors.

I also saw the first half of Krrish in the IMAX theater, got licked by a dog called Lollypop and bought this 900 page monster of a book called Shantaram which I have just begun reading. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel in Air Deccan to and from Hyderabad. I realise that for the money one pays you can’t expect much from this bus that can fly. But seriously, they've got to do a better job of cleaning up the seats. I look down and see my good friend, the cockroach having its afternoon siesta on my lap. They weren't kidding when they said Simply Fly.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Joga Bonito, whatever that means...

The FIFA World Cup begins tomorrow and I still don't know which team to support. Brazil has been touted to be the tournament favourites by everyone. Even a baby the size of a football might giggle when someone utters the name ‘Ronaldinho’. I generally like to be one who does not support the overwhelming favourites. So, I thought I would support England because I've been watching loads of EPL and I know how each player in the England squad plays(Well I don't know how Theo Walcott plays, but what the hell, even Ericsson does not know that). But the fact that the English treated us Indians like bitches in the early part of the twentieth century makes me feel guilty to say that I want them to win. It's a pretty stupid reason, but hey, there are 32 teams and I need to support only one of them.

To my dismay, I figured out that each team has a flaw:

France: The main supplier of footballers to Arsenal. Me being a Man U fan, I cannot even think of supporting such a team.

Netherlands: Arjen Robben always looks like he has something stuck up his nose.

Italy: I heard that an Italian company fired a South Korean footballer who worked for them because he slotted the golden goal in the previous world cup to send the Italians out of the tournament. Stupid spoilt sports shouldn’t be supported. Now, that’s a good example of alliteration.

Germany: Hitler.

Spain: They're winning everything. Alonso in F1 racing, Nadal in clay court tennis. Nah, can't support them.

That only leaves the underdogs and I don't think any of them have the quality to reach the World Cup Finals. So I have decided to be a neutral spectator for all the matches. It will be an interesting experience, not knowing which team you want to win. This is also helpful in a way cos I will not have sleepless nights wondering whether my chosen team will qualify or not.

The matches are slated to appear on ESPN-Star and I am really excited about the prospect of watching quality football on a channel that hires 'pundits' who actually know something about the sport. Hopefully, ESPN-Star does not keep up their annoying trend of having both English and Hindi commentary played simultaneously. Honestly, I cannot understand a thing.

So, with the World Cup beginning tomorrow, I can safely say that some of the enormous amount of boredom that I have been experiencing will go away and bother someone else who doesn’t know what to do with his time. So be gone boredom! See you on July 10th!