Friday, May 12, 2006

Poseidon-Movie Review

Poseidon is a remake of the 1972 film, "The Poseidon Adventure'. It was a short movie (I went in at 4.30 and came out at 6) and this I think helped make the movie quite absorbing. The only similarities between this movie and Titanic (which it has been likened to) are water (lots of it) and a huge ship. Apart from that, this movie is pretty different in every other respect. The movie is about the escape attempts of a group of people after the ship, 'Poseidon', is hit by a humongous wave. The scene where the ship turns over after having been smacked by the tidal wave is quite brilliant. There is no dilly-dallying as the ship is rocked within 20 minutes of the opening scene. From then on, the movie concentrates on eight people- a gambler, an ex-mayor, his daughter and her fiancé, a single mother and her son, an old rich gay guy whose partner has left him and a woman who has entered the ship illegally with hopes of reaching her brother in New York. Since the ship is turned upside down, the only way for these people to escape is to go to the top of the ship which is actually the bottom because of all the topsy turvy conditions. Anyway, whether all of them escape is the climax of the film.

I really enjoyed the movie because it was never boring at any stage. The pace was quick and it was maintained till the end. There were some very good performances, notably Kurt Russell as Robert Ramsey and Josh Lucas as Dylan Johns. The underwater sequences were quite breathtaking (must have been breath-taking for the actors too I think) and the graphics were top notch. A well directed movie with good acting and lots and lots of water makes Poseidon a good see.

My Verdict: 7/10


hamsini said...

Oh,must watch!I just had a friend telling me they hated it...but your review was quite gripping..

The Used said...

i quite disagree...its way too serious d movie...mayb i was just in a bad mood but i didnt like it too much..n to actually market it as titanic-2, a pity

Neon said...

Yea I heard that some people hated it. I dunno, I kinda liked the fact that it was a short movie which didnt waste time on unnecessary dialogues and stuff.

Neon said...

@the used,
Well it was a serious movie without any comedy. And about the titanic 2 part, I agree. Luckily they are marketing it as Titanic 2 for the tamil dubbed version of the film only. Probably to get in more crowds from the villages I think.

Ramanujam said...

have not yet seen the movie...
nee kudutha hype i m gonna see it...
exams nearing i m fearing!!!!!
there is some anagran contest goin on in cnn ibn website...
u anagram KING..
il never forget Les neuron!!!!!

Neon said...

Yea, see the movie and best of luck wit your exams. And I shall check out the CNN-IBN anagram challenge. WTH, I wanna go to Europe!

GEORGE . W . BUSH said...

hey neon how are you , its me !!!
G_Y guy.Remember ?
I found my partner :)!@!#!$!%!^!&!*! ha ha ha

SADDAM said...

ya tats me

T.Rajendran said...

nee paathu cinema peru posiedon
yenuku thalavali vantha naa poduvein saridon!!!!1

T.Rajendran said...

kalyanathla poduvangu bandhi
adula nee yepovume mundi
post officela irrukum thanthi
yenga ayya pesuvangu hindi

Neon said...

@Bush and Saddam,

Un dhaadi romba karuupu
Adhanala unakku anga arippu
Ennakku romba sirripu
Elections'la thotha nee oru paruppu

««ºP®åđđŷº»» said...

hmmmm..i ought to see da movie..your review has compelled me to do it :D

The Used said...

what is going on???lol

Neon said...

Glad I could compel :)

@the used,
Fans of TR tend to talk in rhyme, lol

The Used said...

ooooo...i herd dis speech on tv bout vaiko

vaiko, avaru oru

Splutters said...

The ultimate fan of thalaivar (TR) has arrived!

Oi TR!

Nee yaaru?
Nee illa da Tee Aaru!
Bore adichcha nee pova baaru
Thala uththamanda, avvara paaru!
Thaengala irukku naaru
Thalaivarukku irukku narayya hair-u
Thala ottuvaaru mercedes caaru
Niyantha oru iyengaaru!
Dei machchi,
Dhadiyum Thoppayum vechundrukkavanla TRaga Mudiyadha da. Nyaabagam vechukko. TR naa style thaeva da.....vandhuttan...kalyanathula pandhiyaan theatrela saridonna...
Gummthalakadi gumma
idha vaangikoda summa!!
PS:monty, this is how psycho is spelt. Not physco.

The Used said...


Neon said...

Haha, kalakkitta. TR would be proud.

Splutters said...

'tis my duty, to uphold the honour of thalaivar.

Anonymous said...

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