Saturday, April 29, 2006

Be wary, be very wary...

I really do not think much about most insects. They mind their own business, I mind mine. Sadly there is this one insect I am kinda wary of. I am not scared of it, mind you, just wary. I mean you too would be wary of an insect that can supposedly survive a nuclear war and come out of it unscathed. It can also survive without its head for a month I believe (If you feel like puking, hey glad I could help).

Well I have had a torrid relationship with these nocturnal creatures and yes you're right, they strike in the night (If you feel scared now, don't worry. Just be wary). There used to be tons of cockroaches in the bathroom in my house and so whenever nature called in the night it was a tad difficult to attend that call, if you know what I mean. The ugly cockroaches were always there, right next to the shower, looking at me with their compound (I paid good attention in my tenth standard zoology class) eyes. It was a difficult task, making them get the hell out of the bathroom and it required good maneuvering skills which I sadly lacked and I didn’t know how to use a broom as a weapon. I have a tendency to get wary (not scared) whenever they start running towards me and it was only natural that I closed the door and jumped on my bed with my feet not touching the ground whenever such a situation arose.

Due to my unhappy trysts with cockroaches, our house was de-cockroached, i.e., some exterminators filled up some holes here and there and locked up the cockroaches. A couple of nights back I felt really thirsty and so I went to the kitchen to make myself some ovaltine. It was then that I got a sudden visit from my smelly friend (cockroaches fart every fifteen minutes I am told). There was a big, black cockroach standing or rather sitting right in front of me. So I did what any normal person wary of cockroaches would do. I ran to my sister and asked her to accompany me to the kitchen. She claims that she is not afraid of cockroaches and so I asked her to keep a watch on the cockroach while I made my ovaltine. Maybe it did it just to spite me, but this brat of a cockroach hid under the chair as soon as my sister came into the kitchen. Talk about timing. This made my sister all smug and she started talking about how cockroaches are afraid of humans and not the other way around. I was so bugged that I spilt a lot of the ‘Aavin’ milk that my mom had kept in the fridge for the next morning and so I had to settle for a half cup of really bad ovaltine (it was past its expiration date I think). On the way back to my room, I could have sworn that the cockroach gave me a nasty look as if to say, “I’ll be back”. And I, the wary one, ran straight to my room as if to say, “Well I wont!”. Damn these darn disgusting insects!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guess, I've just got to stomach it...

Well I've had a very uneventful and slightly painful three weeks since I wrote my last post. I have now planned to go back to the gym, start learning java and learn to drive. So as you may have noticed (if you had read my previous post just before you had started reading this one) that I haven't accomplished much at all in the past three weeks. I wouldn't blame all of it on my infinite laziness though.

I had gone to Kodaikanal a couple of weeks ago with my parents and sister and my physical ailments started there. Firstly the car driver made me feel incredibly agitated by playing songs of those olden days when men would wear more make up than women. Oh boy was it boring! My parents felt differently and started singing along. Wow, was that fun. Then there was the food at the hotel. Ah the food! It was so bad that I got amoebiosis! *I have no idea what amoebiosis is; just putting the exclamation mark for extra build-up*.

Somehow I always got the feeling from my friends that Kodaikanal was this wonderful haven that you had to go to during the summer because Chennai seemed to be just a tad too hot. But I seriously preferred the sweltering heat and humidity of Chennai to the cool and rainy climate of Kodaikanal. I had absolutely nothing to do as my sister had decided to spend the vacation poring through her history books and the swings were almost always wet. The people who had come to the resort were quite weird too as all the women had dressed up in the same sari (I mean the same type of sari, not THE same sari cos that would just be ridiculously creepy) and the men refused to come out of their hotel rooms. So due to lack of stuff to do, the rainy weather, the weird guests and a bad stomach the trip was quite the opposite of a vacation for me.

Following the Kodaikanal trip, I couldn’t go to the gym because of my stomach ailment and so I went to watch the newly released movies. I couldn't sit through Thiruttu Payale (what a bore) and Azhaggai Irukkirai...was quite stupid even though the first half was enjoyable. I saw Ice Age2 yesterday and that was hilarious, amazingly funny. Well right now, I am not suffering from anything. No amoebiosis!, nothing. So that means I have to go to the gym tomorrow. Hmmm, maybe going to the gym right after amoebiosis! might not be a good idea. I mean I don’t find going to the gym tough at all but I was wondering…. anyone game for a movie?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pain- A very painful feeling

Well, the holidays are moving at a surprisingly slow pace and I am finding myself with nothing to do. I had several plans for the summer like learning JAVA, going to the gym, learing to drive and stuff. Well I'm not exactly following the plan. I tried teaching myself JAVA with this huge 1100 page book but I fell asleep in the 11th page. Further I've not been able to install the proper software to practice my programs. It's pretty bugging, all the installing and uninstalling. So if anybody could tell me where I can download the required software with all the JDK and stuff, I’ll be really grateful.

I started going to the gym yesterday and I found out the pains involved in trying to make yourself look bigger and stronger. My whole body hurts and my shoulders are pretty sore. I went into the gym with all gusto but came out groaning in pain. The receptionist fellow at the gym is quite a weird character too. He doesn't know English but he likes to display his incredibly limited knowledge of it quite frequently. It's very similar to me speaking Hindi and if anyone has had the misfortune of listening to me going 'Maera khaana khaata hai', you would understand what I am talking about. He tends to wink every time he finishes butchering the English language as if to say, "Enna machi, English-la kalakkaraen-la!" (Literal translation: What brother-in-law, I am mixing English very well!). It is a bit unnerving talking to him but still you can't have everything for Rs.500/month (I know, its fricking cheap! The gym has AC too!!). I happen to be the youngest member of the gym and also the thinnest but I felt that this would change in a few days (I meant me being small. I will still be the youngest there because the others are all mamas who have this uncanny tendency to stink a lot). The name of the gym gave me a lot of hope. It is called ‘Muscle Mechanic’. Laugh all you want but I still feel it sounds much better than ‘Talwalkars’.

I realized quite quickly that working out at the gym wasn’t as glamorous as it turned out to be - I sprained my leg during the first exercise. I guess if you haven’t done anything but sit in front of your books for two months, sudden physical exertion can cause tremendous amount of pain. I have been advised by my mum to not go to the gym tomorrow but I plan to. It’s not often that I get the opportunity to act macho and all. If I remember correctly, the last time I did anything remotely muscle mechanic-ish was using my chemistry textbook as a dumb-bell. Yea, I like putting stuff to good use.